Bug Report in Version 1.5

Literally, I spat out a crunchy black insect from my Soylent yesterday. It’s possible that this bug was introduced during setup after I opened the bag (e.g. while mixing powder in pitcher), but my local environment has a few mitigating factors:

  • I was drinking from a Blender Bottle whose cap remains shut between sips
  • I poured into the blender bottle from a pitcher which remains sealed in the fridge
  • I clean and inspect my pitcher and blender bottle before each use

So, I suspect this is a zero-day bug which was in the powder all along. Unfortunately, the bug cannot be reproduced as I washed it down the drain.

It’s also possible this was caused by a race condition between the bug flying around the desk and the Soylent meeting my lips. Again, I probably would have noticed this and did not.

To be clear, I’m not complaining! Bugs are inevitable, the world is full of them. Just curious if anyone else has encountered a similar bug.


This may also be a symptom of the Soylent being nutritious.

For example, mice and rats go after whole wheat flour, but don’t go after white flour, because it’s missing all the nutrients that attract them.

Apocryphally, an oasis in the desert with no bugs in it usually means it’s toxic water and not safe to drink.

So, if a bug was attracted to the Soylent…