Bug report Soylent powder 1.8

Bit of a report. Curious if anyone else has seen it. In the last couple weeks, I decided ‘If I’m not hungry I shouldn’t force myself to consume my Soylent’, I’ll just leave it for tomorrow. Anyways, over the last couple days I’ve delveloped a weird eye twitch. Never experienced before. Googling a bit does come up with nutritional imbalance as one possibility pretty consistently. Given my diet, and given that I haven’t been eating my ‘full ration’ I wonder. (Been ‘cheating’ regularly, which I thought would make up for it, but apparently not…)

I’ve never had that in my years of Soylent, but when I lived in Moscow I suddenly realized I couldn’t raise my right arm above shoulder level. That lasted six months and then suddenly went away. But, no Soylent was involved.

I have had twitchy eyelids once in a while my whole life. I haven’t noticed it being any more frequent since starting Soylent - if anything, it happens less often, I can’t recall for sure that it has happened at all in the past few years. In my case it has always gone away after a day or so.

And maybe this is something totally different; it’s not my eye that twitches, but I can feel my eyelid vibrating up and down a little bit when I try to relax with my eyes open. Basically a small muscle spasm in the fiber that moved the eyelid.

If you suspect a nutritional imbalance, the best way to confirm it would be with a blood test. You can probably rule out any vitamins as a couple of weeks isn’t normally long enough for vitamin deficiencies, unless you were severely deficient already. I doubt it is anything serious, but perhaps either related to sodium or potassium (electrolytes). (Otherwise it can be vitamin D or B12 deficiency according to livestrong.com)

My eyelid’s been twitching like crazy lately. But I’m pretty sure it’s stress.

Stopped after a couple days. I varied my diet a little more with this in mind so not sure if it’s coincidence, or stress, or combination…