Bug when marking two successive posts as spam


Image two spam messages are posted at the same time.

You open one and flag it as spam and it disappears.

You open the next and the spam radio button in the pop-up will be selected but, I suppose the model (model in MVC) won’t as the state of the pop-up won’t reflect that. You have to click the already selected radio button to tell Discourse that this post is spam.

I believe this is a bug and am marking it as such.


I flagged a spam post just recently too (the MBA one) - perhaps we flagged it at the same time?


I think I saw it happen twice, but it could be that we flagged it at the same time.


Nope, think it’s a bug. I’ve just created two spam posts for testing and every time I tried to mark the post as spam the radio button was already selected but the pop-up did not reflect that selection by enabling the buttons on the bottom.


I think this happens with any kind of marking - I’ve done it with “off-topic” too, at some point.


I believe this is also fixed. Feel free to test on http://try.discourse.org and see.