Bulk Order Discounts & Availability?


Has there been any update on being able to buy multiple months at once at a discount rather than using subscriptions?

I know there was some small discussion with Rob talking about something like 3+ month orders potentially getting a similar discount to 1 month subscription orders.

I’m nearing the point where I’ll need to reorder but my Soylent usage has varied a lot based upon everything from work to out of town visitors so I don’t see how a monthly subscription can accurately reflect that.
A friend is also showing interest in starting up on Soylent so ordering about 3 months at a time becomes a little more viable for us.

At the moment, the only way that I can see to get the discount, keeping at rates like the original preorders, would be to start a subscription and cancel it, restarting it when I need more. That just seems like gaming the system and I’d rather see if there are other options to get the discounted rates without doing so.

Edit: As per suggestion: @JulioMiles Adding to your giant queue of flags to ask if you have anything you can share with us here.


I’d like to see subscription options like Dollar Shave Club has, where you can skip a shipment or add additional to a shipment. That way if I had a 2-week subscription and found myself consuming more than normal one month I could add extra to the next subscription. Or if I wasn’t consuming any for a while due to business trips or what have you, I could skip a delivery.


This is a great idea. Dollar Shave Club does a really good job on this and it would work well with Soylent, too.


I would be much more interested in something like this, rather than the subscription. Speaking for poor college students the subscription thing isn’t always practical.