Bulking up with Soylent


While the idea of Soylent really excites me and I have been drinking and enjoying it for breakfast the past couple weeks. I am a little concerned about the calorie count being so low for my needs. I am ~6ft, 135lbs and if anything I could benefit from gaining some weight, not loosing any.

Any recommendations for bulking up with Soylent? Should I just consume more of it? Mix in extra protein?

Also I don’t see myself drinking it exclusively as I really enjoy food.


Go take a look at my thread and formula:

I am ~7ft and 210lbs and I need to gain a lot of weight.
I keep fluctuating my recipe between around 4K calories and 3K calories. For my ectomorph frame I have pretty close to the correct ratio of fats, carbs and proteins. While I am still doing some tweaking, I think it is coming along.


Awesome, thanks @HarveyDesu! I will definitely try some of this out. We have Robs formula at the office so I may experiment mixing some of these extras into it.