Burning Sensation Post-Soylent Intake (1.4)


Hi guys, really liking the taste of 1.4, but I’m totally new to Soylent. Seriously, I dig it a lot, despite some other commenters saying they don’t care for the taste.

But anyway, about an hour or so after I take Soylent, I feel a mild burning sensation in my esophagus. This happens every time, and lasts probably another hour. It kind of feels like acid reflux, but not too severe. Anybody had a similar experience? Any advice or other ideas about what might be causing it?

I’m taking one-third (1/3) of the 2000 calorie dose (which is 1/3 of the full-sized pitcher) at each meal. I want to take in 2000 calories a day anyway, so that works out great.

I apologize if this has already been discussed and I simply missed it.



I’ve never heard of it… And have no idea what would be causing it. :frowning: If you find out make sure to post back, interested to find out the source.


Perhaps the liquid is melting your marshmallow esophagus.

On a more serious note, I’m curious how quickly you consume the 1/3 pitcher portion.


It takes me about 5-10 minutes to drink it all. Is that too fast?


Does sound like a mild acid reflux. What other food and drinks are you consuming?

I can get acid reflux just from drinking water. What I am saying is that Soylent is not / may not be the underlying cause, but merely allows it to happen if you know what I mean.

How often have you experienced acid reflux before Soylent?


Yes, I have experienced acid reflux before, but I haven’t for a while. It just started up again recently when I started Soylent. But it kinda feels… different. Hard to explain. It’s not as bad as I’ve experienced reflux before, and feels somehow completely different, but the same. Haha – can I get any more vague?

I’m only taking Soylent right now for 1 meal a day to test it out, but I’m hoping to soon move to 2 meals per day. For the other meals, I’m just eating like I used to, fruits, chicken, fish, milk, wheat bread/pasta, nuts, trail mix, water, etc. The occasional splurge meal out. I don’t have issues with lactose or gluten. I’m pretty sure the reflux is being amplified by the Soylent, if not caused by it, though… although I obviously can’t prove it. Just a feeling.


I get that too when I eat non-meat foods. Chew some Tums and you will be fine. If you are more concerned see your doctor.


Probably too fast. Try extending to at least 20-30 minutes got that volume.


Well, it isn’t speed. I took today’s dinner dose over 30 minutes, with just sips at a time. Same results about an hour or hour and a half later.


Ive been using Soylent off and on for about a year and I seem to get a little acid reflux the first few times I use it after taking a break. I think I read somewhere that your stomach gets used to the amount of food you consume and produces more or less stomach acid as a result, so suddenly consuming Soylent when you are used to a bigger meal of solid food might mean that your body is simply producing too much acid at the moment and it will lessen as your body adjusts. This has never affected me for more than 3-4 days so I wouldn’t worry about it unless it keeps happening.


Does it make you a little nauseous for a bit after you drink it?


Getting a bit queasy with 1.4 was the deal-breaker for me. I was OK with the taste / salt / sweet, etc., but the texture and the queasiness got to be too much for me to consume 1.4 on a regular basis. Had no issues with 1.3. I’ve put my subscription on hold with a reduced order of 7 bags (didn’t cancel) as I await the inevitable 1.5.

I’m going to use up my remaining 1.3 and then try one discourse-poster’s suggestion of preparing 1.4 in a blender, maybe with ice, to see if the oils emulsify better and give it a more palatable texture. That would all be a big pain, though, compared to the shake & go 1.3 powder + oil bottle.


No nausea. Just the reflux/burning sensation about an hour later. And really, it’s mild. I tried the Tums once so far, and it seemed to work to make it go away quickly.


I’ve been doing a blender, I put it on a lower setting with a little over 30oz of water(i have a 64 oz blender) and slowly put the powder in while it goes. That way there is no clumps on the sides. Then I add a little more protein and fill it up to 64oz. It works really well. Recently I started doubling the water so that I get my 128 oz a day just with soylent, and if I drink water while working out, to get my calories I still have to drink my food. Been working pretty well. The nausea was still there with it watered down, but it seems to be going away now. Probably my body just getting used to it.


I have just stuck it out and it has mostly gone away. The tums thing seems to be working wonders from all I’ve read.


Well it turns out that after 2 weeks or so the burning sensation all but went away completely. I guess my body was just “getting used to” Soylent or something. Occasionally I still get it, but it’s hardly noticable, and the Tums helps.

Thanks to all who posted.