Burnt powdered oats


Quick word of warning, be careful when cooking powdered oats in saucepan. I made the mistake of burning it tonight and it creates the stinkiest, demoralizing blobs that will leave a stench through your whole house…
You’ve been warned.


Microwave! Way less hassle, you can do it in a mug. Just don’t leave any cutlery in…


wow, I feel incredibly stupid now…
thanks heaps for the tip. By the way, roughly how long do you microwave for?


why cook them anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive only just started, but apparently its improves the taste. My recipe has a fair amount of oats so was pretty ordinary taste-wise.


then I’ll give it a shot too! I also use a lot, 170g daily but flakes NOT powder. :slight_smile:


I use something like 25-50g of powdered oats, into the mug. Cover with water to roughly twice the volume of the oats. Microwave for two minutes.

Obviously more oats needs more water and takes longer. I would SERIOUSLY recommend watching like a hawk for the first two or three times you do this, the microwave also has a tendency to make a mess with oats if you leave it too long. The saving grace is that once you figure out exactly how long your quantity of oats needs, you get consistent results every time for minimal effort.

I cook them not just for taste but for digestibility and mixability too. I don’t think I ever actually tried mixing raw oat powder straight into my soylent but it seems to me that it would come out grainy rather than smoothh.


1 minute in my blender and grainy-ness is history :stuck_out_tongue:
and I soak them for 1 hour in water twice the volume of oats too, that helps, a lot!