Buy my old soylent?

I’d like to trade up to 2.0 (I really really like the pre-made bottles).

I’m in San Francisco, and would prefer not to ship this stuff but that could be arranged.

I would prefer to sell all of it at once.

I have:

1 x 1 week box of 1.0 (0.o)
2 x 1 week box of 1.3
1 bag expires 08/2015, 1 bag expires 10/2015, probably version 1.2, and some 1.2 oil
Three bags of what I think are 1.4; expiration is 02/2017
A box full of soylent oil (I have a friend who never used his oil)

You can email me at if you prefer

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You might also want to try

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@vanclute for the 1.3…

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Thanks for the alert @Zenman! PM being sent…