Buying Maltodextrin (and other ingredients) in Bulk?


Hi all,

I’m looking to get My Chocolate Malt Recipe to cost as close to $5 a day as possible (with the changes below it should be around $5.50 as opposed to more around the $6.67 it was when I started). I’m curious if anyone has any information about a few products, mainly this bulk source of Maltodextrin from Honeyville. It’s a 50lb bag which sounds sort of ridiculous though it’s really just about 6 of the Now! Carbo Gain Malto I’ve been using (which seems less ridiculous in my mind). I know Maltodextrin has been contentious around here and am wondering if anyone has any insight into this type of Maltodextrin or this product specifically as getting it in bulk drops the per-month cost by about 20 bucks.

Additionally, if anyone has any feedback (about the product, side effects, feeling, or even taste) on using Dymatize Whey Protein it would be appreciated as it also drops the cost per month by about 20 bucks (I’m currently using the ON Whey Standard Gold Protein).

Lastly, I’m contemplating using this Omega 3 supplement by Now Foods which actually is a source of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 acid. I haven’t heard of Omega 9 and am wondering if people have any background info that type of acid or the product in general before I do a deeper dive myself.



You don’t need to supplement omega 6 as you likely get far far more than you need from other sources (it’s in almost all oils) and omega 9 isn’t even essential. A pure omega 3 supp would be better value and better for you.

Email the seller/manufacturer of the malto to find out the source (tapioca/corn etc.) and the GI.


@richardtkemp Thanks for the info! I’ll look into a cheaper, just straight Omega 3 source. And good call on talking to the manufacturer, I’ll do that in a few days depending on how the comments here play out.


I bought that sack (from Amazon, but sold by Honeyville), and it really, truly is a 50 pound sack of fine white Maltodextrin. There’s no reasonable way to reseal the brown paper sack… I just cut into it open with a knife, then scooped out a bunch into some airtight containers, then duct taped the bag shut.

I haven’t had any problems with Maltodextrin. I thought it was the cause of a doughy/powdery texture to my soylent, but it turned out to be another ingredient (coconut flour, which makes sense in hindsight). Malto’s a little odd to work with, as it’s a very fine powder, and when pouring it out of a scoop it sometimes kicks up some particles in a cloud (it sounds worse than reality). It’s my primary carb source, and as far as taste, texture and energy, I have no problems whatsoever, even though I’ve taken to having ‘meals’ rather than sipping all day. I have a little for breakfast (never been a breakfast person) but about 12 oz for lunch, and I’m good until I get out of work.

Really weird getting that giant sack though. I’m glad it worked out, because I didn’t start small with that ingredient. So now 30lbs of it is staring me in the face in my basement until I need to refill those containers.