Buying sources in the Netherlands/Amsterdam


I drafted a spreadsheet with sources where to buy the ingredients in the Netherlands. I have not checked if the products I listed are most affordable, I merely checked for whether they sell it or not.

My version is based on a multi vitamin pill that covers 80% of the micronutrients, as it was too expensive to buy individually.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!


How many tablets of the Multi Vitaminen Complex would you have daily?

For example if you take 3 tablets daily you’d get only the 32% Molybdenum daily target and 1000% of Vitamin C.


I take 1 Multi Vitamin per day, indeed not to overdose many things. I tried to buy missing nutrients individually (where the discrepancy was the biggest). Here’s a copy of what I bought:


Hello I’ll post my ingredients later today. I’m based in The Netherlands and started using it today (I’m on Twitter (Dutch) @eetexperiment).



Hello, I’m new here and also from the Netherlands. I just registered, but I have a bit of trouble getting started since the layout is a bit unclear to me. Can someone point me to the basic formula please? Thanks in advance


Here is my list of ingredients and where you can order them (in Dutch). Add water (I use around 0,5l) and mix everything in a blender. I can recommend adding flavoring (cocoa powder for example) to make it a bit tastier. I’m getting used to the taste but it’s not the most delicious thing I’ve ever tried.


Hey Johannes,

Can’t we just talk dutch in this topic? :smile:
Anyway, thanks for the quick response. I’m already on a very tight diet for years because of chronic illnesses and food in tolerances and allergies. So I am used to eat ‘flavorless’ so to speak :wink:
Does your spreadsheet cover the whole soylent basis? In other words, I wouldn’t need to eat anything next to this?
Thanks in advance,



Ja laten we dat maar doen :slight_smile:

Ik heb alle ingrediënten die in deze post van Rob ( als essentieel staan erin zitten. De stoffen onder “Extras not considered essential” zitten er niet in. De waarden die hij hanteert komen grotendeels overeen met de ADH’s die Wikipedia en het Voedingscentrum en Amerikaanse instituten hanteren dus ik beschouw deze als betrouwbaar.

De ingrediënten zoals ze nu in de sheet staan hebben een totaal van ongeveer 1800 calorieën wat wellicht voor anderen aan de lage kant is. Dit is echter makkelijk bij te stellen door bijvoorbeeld meer Oats, Whey of Maltodextrine toe te voegen. Je zult in het begin dus moeten kijken hoeveel je nodig hebt (wellicht weet je dit al ongeveer).

Of je aan de producten uit mijn sheet als enige vorm van voeding genoeg hebt durf ik niet te zeggen, er zijn mogelijk noodzakelijke stoffen waarvan we niet weten dat deze in onze voeding zit.

Van de stoffen waarvan we weten dat je we ze nodig hebben hebt zitten ze er in de juiste hoeveelheid in (voor zover een ADH bekend is).

Ik woon in Nijmegen en heb de ingrediënten in bulk ingekocht, als je een paar porties wilt hebben om te proberen kun je me het beste even mailen op johannesvinke (at)


Hello gentlemen,
I would appreciate English, although dutch->eng google dictionary works quite well.

I already mentioned that in the “introduce yourself” thread but shortly: I moved to Netherlands 3 weeks ago and I’m very interested in Soylent potential. Especially time saving and health improvement and consequencially increase in productivity. So I want to jump into it on my own, I see great potential in this. I’m still busy with moving and related errands but now I finally got a bit time to get this going.

Johannes, thank you for the list! I’ll sure make use of it. Just before I go in detail through the list and going to get to order it - do you think I would receive all packages in 2 weeks or less? You see I’m going to move from Haarlem by end of June to some nearby place (possibly Nieuw-Vennep or anything close to Hoofddorp where I work). So I wonder whether I should wait with the orders. What’s your experience with shipping on the list?


P.S:feel free to add me on FB, Google+ or whatever. Pavel Urubcik


Hello Pavel,

You can also check my formula if you like:

Everything on my list was delivered within 1 week!

Johannes told me that he quit the Soylent experiment, at least for the moment.


Dag Johannes,
Heb lang gezocht naar de mogelijkheid om je te PM-en, maar niet gevonden. Wil je even laten weten dat ik dankzij jouw lijstje vandaag voor het eerst soylent heb genomen. Smerig spul, zo de eerste keer, maar het effect is tot nu toe geweldig. Ben heel benieuwd hoe dit verder gaat. Veel dank voor de moeite en het delen!

ps. als de boodschap is aangekomen dan zal ik dit bericht weer wissen.


Hello Eartheaters,
thanks for the reply! I read it right away but did not find time to reply neither order as I am terribly busy with moving and arranging matters. Don’t you happend to know why Johannes quit?

I’ll order the stuff soon. Just need to have a look into that and see if there is everything. Someone mentioned Meltodextrine or few other substances were left out? Isn’t that a problem? Either way, I’d like to start with 50% of the soylent version in my diet and increase it to some 70-80% within few weeks and then I will see.

Hoyer, please don’t remove the comment. It’s good to keep track of all feedbacks.


@Pavel, no problem. You’ll respond when you have the time. And my formula does contain the maltodextrin, so feel free to view my formula.


Zie je bericht nu pas, als je op een naam klikt kun je iemand een PM sturen, komt er eentje jouw kant op nu.


Hi Johannes,

I have just ordered away on your excel shopping list (for a one month supply as a first commitment) Thanks for posting it, and your research. (yes, I have also read the disclaimer)
Does the mixture stay well-mixed for a couple of hours ? I’ll be trying it out in a week.


Yes, that’s no problem. If you put it in a bottle after mixing you can also shake it around a bit before drinking. Good luck!


And…I have started to replace breakfast and lunch with soylent. I’m adding quite some cacoa powder (1 tablespoon = 8gr) , and considering taking a fish oil pill to compensate for low omega 3 levels, so I lowered the amount of oil slightly to 60 ml.
The salt in the recipe adjusts the taste a lot, so I leave it out and obtain my salt during (normal) dinner.

I had a bit of trouble digesting the raw oats, so I decided to seperately soak them in water before adding. Helps digesting and making the blend smoother. I have also increased the amount of potassium cluconate to 20grams to get the 3,5 grams of potassium.

After some more days, I will report back my experience… @Johannes, did you abandon the soylent altogether, or are you still using / trying it ?


I stopped completely, it wasn’t really my thing. Maybe I’ll give Rob’s pre-made Soylent a try in the future though.


Might as well started posting here, since I put on my profile I’m from the Netherlands.

For carbs, I mainly use Brinta instead of oats since a few days, and it has worked wonders. My soylent is much smoother*, it contains a lot of fiber, and it’s easy to get in stores!

*) compared to my home blendered rolled oats, which turned out way more chunky than I’d hoped :cry:


Hi Rick,

does the Brinta replacement also help your “toilet performance” ?

That’s still not excellent with my recipe… (yes, we overshare everything on this forum)