Cacao powder arrived!


It’s here!

It smells like chocolate, looks like chocolate, and the initial taste is … chocolate! Creamy/smooth on initial mixing. I’ll let it sit in the fridge for a bit and see if that changes it any, but the initial mixing has a good consistency.

Very good flavor so far on the first sip. It seems less “fake chocolate” flavored than I remember from the bottled version. I didn’t really like the bottled version so I only tried it once. I actually enjoy the original powder flavor so this is much sweeter than more flavorful than I’m used to.


We hope you enjoy it!


that… looks. TASTY!
my sub hits on the 14th, so just saved some money! updated from 24 bottles @ 74 to 35 meals/7 pouches @ 60, heck ya


Didn’t see another appropriate place to put this… Much to my surprise my last order of 2 boxes of 1.8 showed up as 1.9 cacao! The invoice in the box says 1.8. Oops. So of course I mixed a pouch… very creamy and NOT gritty! Chocolate taste is fairly good. I generally like stronger and darker but there’s no way I could down 2000 calories of that a day… jury still out if I can handle 2000 kcal of this. I guess if it doesn’t work out I can always ask for my 1.8.