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i think Soylent needs to be held to a community standard that the
new bottles are objectively distasteful, compared to the previous model.

tags: minimalism, distribution

Yeah, it’s sad because they finally got the bottles to be really good (other than some people having trouble getting the top off), then they move back to these pretty bad bottles. An employee gave the reason, something about the good bottles being too custom and not working at other manufacturing facilities, so maybe they didn’t have much choice, but it’s still a shame.

i’ve always appreciated Soylent’s willingness to change over time, so I’m not worried that these bottles will be permanent. but I have some questions:

  • is the bottle larger to proportion for market display?

  • is the silver seal disposable? is the thin-plastic sleeve larger than on the last model? and is more plastic used in the production of taller bottles? how much waste is being created that is non-recyclable? is the silver seal on all bottles to meet convenience markets, and is that a safety standard or just a poor use of more disposable product?

  • whether it was intention or projection, Soylent embodied a minimalist utilitarian perspective which matched early aesthetics. more recent campaigns, flavors, and bottle designs have upgraded to a pastel minimalism of display art (closer to basic hipster aesthetic or corporate minimalism): a.k.a. blechh

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