Cafe Vanilla first bottle short review


Yuck, tastes kinda like vitamins. Doesn’t taste like vanilla at all to me.

Sipping medium fast so that’s actually a good thing because I could chug 2 cold v2.0s no problem in the past.

Ill try original 2.0 if they’re still calling it that next. Won’t be reordering Cafe Vanilla again.

Been about 2 hours and I’m not really hungry and don’t have any stomach or gas issues so that’s also good.

Have a tub of cacao coming today and will mix some of that for lunch tmro.

Really looking forward to finding a solution that works.


I thought vanilla tasted like a slightly sweetened coffiest. Chai has a very different flavor. Maybe try chai if you want caffeine but don’t like vanilla?


I found the vanilla to be very thick. It tasted okay, not something I could down quick, The coffee flavor wasn’t super strong, but it was noticeable. It wasn’t very sweet like vanilla, it was more neutral. As someone above me stated, it’s more like a slightly sweeter coffiest. It was okay, something I would have again , but not something I would actively seek out.


I’m annoyed these all have caffeine in them. I’ve been here from the beginning but still haven’t tried any from this series.


Have you tried to flavor the original yourself? I’ve mixed in berries, vanilla, and cocoa powder :slight_smile:


Going to eventually go back and give original a try again.

I couldn’t tolerate it back when it was called 2.0 and 1.8.

Its probably changed in the last year so yep I’m gonna jump back into the original and add stuff


I really liked the flavor of the original powder 1.8. Also it was much more filling to me personally than the bottles (2.0)