Cafe vs non-cafe drink

I’m kind of disappointed on Soylent flavors now.

Recently Nectar have stopped and there is new flavor to replace it… and it is CAFE.

I cannot drink any CAFE drinks, my body does not process coffee very well at all. So at end result I only have two choices, no flavor or cacao.

When will we have NON-CAFE soylent in those flavors currently only available for CAFE drinks?

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where did you see the new flavor will be cafe?

Vanilla cafe drink?

Though I may be mistaken, there is still problem of too few choices and none in common besides plain between regular and cafe. (coffeist don’t really can be regular drink but besides that…)

You seem to be confused. Cafe Vanilla is not the replacement for Nectar. The replacement for Nectar hasn’t been revealed yet but there’s no reason to believe it will contain coffee.

Also Cafe Chai does not contain any coffee, so you could try that as well. It does have a small amount of caffeine (30 mg per bottle iirc).

All indications are that the Nectar replacement will be a normal drink. Unfortunately, I doubt complaints will affect the launch date.

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Caffeine is what I meant, my body cannot stand that. Sorry it was quite late that time. :slight_smile:

That is good, though those cafe flavors I would like to try as regular also. I doubt chai can be done like that, nor coffiest but vanilla? sure! :slight_smile:

Honestly buddy, what exactly are you here for except to complain? I’m seriously curious. Do you just randomly join forums of products that you don’t like to let the people who do like them know that you disagree with them?


Speak for yourself. I love nectar and cocoa. Taste is not my issue, just not enough variety!


At least they are working on variety, it wasn’t that long ago we just had original 2.0


You aren’t missing much, Rolf. I don’t handle caffeine well either but I tried a little bit of vanilla the other day. The vanilla flavor was very mild, mostly all I could taste was the coffee and bitter tea flavors. It was really good (I love the taste of coffee and tea even though I can’t drink them), but the vanilla was so mild that a non-caffeinated vanilla would have to be a totally different recipe, and probably would need a different name as well.

I hope to try a little bit of chai soon.

What did I miss?..All of meow’s posts are gone.


You missed somebody who disagreed with everybody and lost their temper when you disagreed with them.


Meow flipped out, accused the whole forum of being trolls and cyberbullies (and also “gamers,” who they equated with trolls), edited their previous threads to say nasty things about all Soylent drinkers generally, and then seemingly deleted their own comments. At some point it appears they were banned. Given that person’s delusions of persecution and penchant for extreme generalizations, I can’t help but think there was some kind of mental health issue at play. Hopefully they will find a better way of dealing with those issues than ranting at people in internet forums.


yikes…glad I missed it

that person also sent me a private message saying my profile picture made me look like typical white trash scum. all because i said i checked the internet to see if the picture of rob kinda heavy he/she posted was doctored, never said he/she photoshopped it, just checking if it came from a photoshopped source.


I’m sorry about not catching the troll sooner. I really like to give people the benefit of the doubt.


i wasnt worried about it, i kinda kicked the hornets nest calling that person a drama queen, but i had to say something, they were getting out of hand

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I got an… interesting message from that person. Whatever.

Yet another person that cannot accept that people are different from each other.