Calling for Asian + European soylenters


Hi all,
I’m going to run a series of interviews with soylent consumers / producers / distributors in following countries within the next three months:
Asia: Seoul + Singapore (April - till May 8th)
Europe: Zurich, Paris, Netherlands, Germany, Czech rep., Italy in more cities (9th May - mid July)

If you happen to be a local soylenter and wouldn’t mind spending (half an - ) hour talking to me, please let me know via this form. The interviews are part of my PhD research on open source food - I’ll be happy to provide you with all the details (publication matters, research background and whatever you’d like to know).

So…yes, I’m making my soylent thesis of people, at least out of their data (well we have actually made a soylent out of sequenced DNA sample here in Singapore, hehe, but that’s another - long - story). So please, be the people in my soylent!



I recommend asking on reddit too, and as many of the different medias you can find.


You should be able to find some Czechs and Slovaks eating Mana, since it’s made there.


Mana people are already scheduled.)
Slovakia - Synectar …they’re amazing btw, their blend runner is really nice thingy.
reddit done too…are there any other forums with some traffic?


So, thanks to all who have filled in the form! Just to revive this dying thread (I’m not giving up) - is there still someone from Europe who would be willing to answer a few of my questions re: soylent experiences?
Live / skype, both possible, both great.