Calorie breakdown by scoop?


I just received my Soylent about a week ago, and have started using it to replace my breakfasts. I don’t intend to replace all meals, as I enjoy eating – however, my breakfasts have always been sorely lacking in the nutrition department, generally consisting of a Pop Tart or breakfast bar at best (and oftentimes I’d end up skipping breakfast altogether and just snack on junk food at the office until lunch rolled around).

This said, I am trying to figure out how much Soylent I need to use to fit it appropriately into my diet; I don’t want too many calories because I’m trying to drop a few pounds, but I also don’t want to skimp or I’ll just end up snacking on junk food again when I get hungry. This brings us to my question:

How many calories (kcal) are in a single scoop of Soylent 1.0 powder? How many calories in a teaspoon of the oil? The “Nutrition Facts” label has a “per meal” breakdown, and I’ve gathered that one pouch is ~3.5 scoops, but is that accurate? Can I just multiply everything by 0.857 to figure out what’s in a single scoop? Where does that leave me with the oil?

If per-scoop information isn’t available, I’d take per-ounce (in fact, that might work better for me) – I have a kitchen scale so I can weigh out my morning portion based on my caloric needs.



The nutritional label gives the calories with and without the oil. It also gives the weight of a single serving. So from there its simple algebra to figure out what you want to know.

powder weight = (desired calories * 0.76) * (148g / 510 cal)

oil volume = (desired calories * 0.23) * (20 ml / 160 cal)


The scoop is somewhere between 1/2 and 3/5 of a serving. I believe it was designed to be 1/2, but some others have reported it being closer to 3/5 (5 scoops => 1 package).


So if I’m doing my math right, Soylent breaks down to about 3.45 calories per gram? Which, if I’ve weighed the scoop right, is 80 grams/275 calories?

Since I like mixing other things into my Soylent such as peanut butter or kefir, this will come in handy. Thanks!