Calories vs. Protein and Carbs?


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you could ad Palatinose witch is a slow carb. or ad more fat.

50g Palatinose and 40g fat from vegetable oil and you have the 500 extra calories.


Myarter, please make the effort to spell correctly, at least in the case of recommending things to add to your diet.

You just inadvertently told tx1togo to eat roman people. :stuck_out_tongue:


ops. wrote right before going to bed :stuck_out_tongue:


You have to admit, human would be a complete protein, aside from the side effects. (the human version of ‘mad cow disease’, the sirens and flashing lights…) :smiley:


He must have meant you should add Palpatine. It’s very high in midichlorians.


Yeah, but I mean, looking at it you can’t help but worry if it’s passed some kind of “sell by” date and gone bad, or had some weather exposure or something =/


nope i meant Palatinose/Isomaltulose

Palpatine would just kil you slowly until you’re only a dark shadow


That, or lightning bolts out your ass. :stuck_out_tongue: