Campaign cost


why is it so much? i thought one of the main points of the funding site was to bring cost down.


I think because, for now, they are still in the funding stages. They’re not at a scale that can realistically cut the costs down to what we were hoping for. Plus, when you think about it, it’s really not that much. How much do you normally spend on groceries, restaurants, etc. over a month? Probably less than $230!


From the campaign page:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used primarily to cover up
front manufacturing costs, meaning the price will decrease with time
and scale.



Rob’s claims to be spending 150$ per month. Why are we adding 80$ to that now? It’s confusing.


That’s what you contribute to the project in order to get a month’s supply once it becomes available.


Did you not read the above? It’s for the machinery required for mass production.