Camping with Soylent 1.5

It would be nice if Soylent were available in a paste-like or bar form for backpacking. It just tastes bad when warm, and it’s very difficult to drink it any other way on the trail (in the summer at least). I keep a dedicated blender ball in my bear vault and bring individually prepared meals, including flavoring, and just mix a quick meal when backpacking. But because it tastes pretty gross, I make it “denser” so there is less to drink, and I still have to force it down. Quickly. I’m just used to the refrigerated taste, I guess, but I wish it weren’t such a struggle to get through it on the trail. It’s still my preferred meal when hiking even so.

Rob said in his AMA that solid-form Soylent is one of the things they’re working on.

Yes, I saw that too! I’m eager to know what it will be… a paste? a bar? a cake?

I hope they make it in freeze dried form :smile: as it wont involve heat.

Here’s the mountain stream I used to mix my Soylent with for the past 3 days:

Worked great, man.

Bonus pic: My view of the July 31st “blue moon”:



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I forgot to add:

I didn’t like Soylent too much without it soaking for a while. (I normally prepare a day’s worth the night before - drinking it right away = too “chalky”) To remedy this while camping, I’d shake up a meal in my bottle well beforehand, then leave it in the water (the lake and stream was fairly cold) to chill and soak. Much better.


I guess that Soylent 2.0 fits all the conditions

except maybe the first and fourth one.

The water weight is a biggy… If water is available around the camp site (it usually is…), you end up carying a lot of weight for nothing…

I still believe that a paste or solid version of Soylent would be the perfect hiking food.

My sunflower butter just arrived, I can’t wait to give it a try.

My previous test paste has been sitting for more than 3 weeks in my kitchen and still no signs of spoilage…

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