Can 1.5 be made up and hermetically sealed to last long?

Or will it still only last a couple days?

As far as I know, you would need to pasteurize it. Any convenience would probably be lost, if that was your goal. If you want a shelf-stable liquid food, 2.0 is probably the easiest/best option.

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If you heat-treat the powder to mostly sterilize it, and use boiled water and well-sterilized pitcher/mixer, and then keep it cold, it will certainly last longer…

But I’m not sure how much longer. How much time are you trying to get out of it?

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Another thought would be to mix it up and freeze it. I know people have talked about doing that with the powder.

Of course having some context as to what you are trying to accomplish might help get better answers. :slightly_smiling:

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My goal was to reduce my food costs as 2.0 is getting expensive with the tanking Canadian $, but I love the convenience. For all that work I may as well develop and sell my own version of Soylent in pre-mixed bottled form, something I like the idea of.

Irradiate it. That would work great.

But, depending on who you market to, may not sell well…

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The real expiration date of 1.5 is forever (never expires). It is set at 1 year out of an abundance of caution, or possibly because they don’t have data on the stability of all the ingredients in the formulation and they don’t want to get sued.

The most likely thing is that it has lost some of its nutritional value. As long as the pouch remains sealed and the inside remains dry, it will remain safe to eat, even 100 years from now.

I meant once mixed with water. But I figured the powder itself would in fact last longer than the one year listed.