Can a liquid diet diminish ability to digest solid food?


A friend asked this question and I don’t have an answer for her. I’m thinking that solid food gets turned into liquid quite fast after chewing and hitting the stomach. But will the digestive system possibly adjust so much to liquid only that solid foods may cause a problem later? I would appreciate your thoughts.


Solid food shouldn’t become a problem, as you said, it all turns to liquids pretty quickly anyway.

What could become an issue is your gut flora. Any significant change in diet could require a different biome in your gut, which could cause gastric distress until the correct critters are thriving in your gut to handle the new diet. This could easily become an issue of your coming off of an all (or close to it) Soylent diet, but it wouldn’t be different from any other significant diet change, and if your only using Soylent for a partial replacement I wouldn’t expect you to have trouble.


There is the thing with “low volume” diet from what I heard, after some time on Soylent your hunger basically adjusts to less volume. This seems anecdotal but plausible. This means when you have been on Soylent for a while, you will feel full while eating less? and you wont be able to eat as much normal food as you could before (you can probably still force it down heh) but I don’t see this as a bad thing honestly… also since it’s anecdotal this might not even be the case and could vary from person to person


I’ve noticed since doing 1-2 meals of Soylent daily that I don’t have the portion control issues that I once had- I am able to eat less and feel full, which I’m really happy about.