Can a 'one month' order have two formulations?


I’d like to order a month’s supply for my wife and I to split. She’s five one with a light frame, and I’m six one with a broad frame. We’re both really excited to try it, but I wanted to check whether I’d need to make multiple orders to try different formulations?


I have a similar issue… The main thing I was thinking of is mixing all the dry ingredients, and adding the oil later. The oil is a large source of calories and so can be easily adjusted depending on how many the individual needs. I’ll probably use half the amount of oil that my partner does, but the same amount of dry ingredients.


While I don’t have many details, I think the differences are bigger than just calory count.
Females require more iron (they bleed), and there was something about them complaining about still being hungry on Rob’s formula. I could well imagine that the female version has increased fibre amounts or something.


Isn’t everyone hungry on Rob’s formula?


I doubt they would try to sell that one then! :stuck_out_tongue:


Couldn’t you just buy 2 2 week pledges?


That’s an option, but it would cost $30 more.

I’m also just generally curious how choosing your formulation will be handled. There are some elements everyone needs the same amount of regardless of calorie count, and others where needs fluctuate based on gender and body type.

The question of formulations is sort of the big hook that’s making me unsure of whether to commit to trying it.


I also share the curiosity on how diverse the formulas will be. The way I feel about it, though, is that I am helping support this project and it will be a little rough to start with, but will be able to improve once there is a larger base of people participating. I decided to go with a 1 month pledge, and it will be really fun to see how the whole thing works out! By the time I am halfway through that, there will likely be plenty of stock for me to order from, so I will worry about sending for more then.

I keep wondering how feasible it will be to have custom mixes for every individual. I also keep thinking about how one’s height, weight, and muscle/fat content will change the need for certain vitamins and minerals. I imagine a very “fluffy” person would have a very different need than a bodybuilder. I also imagine that with our help and feedback, there will be enough data to modify a more optimized delivery.

They say that they will e-mail us about the orders for the formulas, I imagine you could request 2 weeks of each option you want and have some ability to work it out at that point.

All in all, I am just so excited!