Can anyone direct me to a recipe I can buy from the UK?


Quite a few of the recipes I see don’t ship to the UK. Could anyone from the UK or Europe I guess show me there recipe? Or simply if anyone knows how to direct me to a place where I can view/how to search recipes that I can order from the UK.


I would suggest, rather than blindly following someone else’s recipe, that you do some of your own research and come up with your own recipe. Not only will it then be tailored to your specific needs, you might actually learn something!

There is plenty to start with in this forum, and plenty of people to point you in the right direction if you’re uncertain about something :smiley:


You can check out if you haven’t been that way just yet. There’s a number of recipes available (complete with ratings) and also an ingredient list that has flags for source countries!

Awesome work by @nickp, and you can check out the discourse thread for the app here, but the intro video should answer a lot of questions.


Haha you’re humorous lol.


That seems great. Thank you very much.


My recipe’s still under development (ie. I wouldn’t advise copying it exactly) but every ingredient comes from the UK.


Thanks. This threads answered for me with the make soylent app. I’m going to just build my recipe using the app and if that can’t work i’ll just check the UK soylent recipes that get posted on there.
Guess this can be a UK recipe thread for others.