Can anyone sell me one days worth of real Soylent?


I’ve been on the diy soylent for maybe 1 month or so and just really want to try Soylent so I can compare the taste and because wet flour like stuff doesn’t taste so good and would like something that taste like nothing or decent atleast.

So if someone could please ship me just one days worth of un-opened Soylent I would pay you for (shipping + gas + your time) and would thank you so much for helping me out! :smile:


I recently was lucky enough to score one week’s worth from @spud and would be more than willing to sell you as many of the 5 remaining days I’ve left as long as I recoup my expense. Including shipping I paid $110.13 for 7 days which means I’ll sell each day for $15.75 plus whatever it would cost to ship to you. I didn’t like it and am so glad to have been able to try it early so I can request a refund on my official order. If you can get it cheaper, by all means go for it. I am not desperate to unload since it’s not disgusting - just not as good as @axcho 's Marion chow or even my version of that recipe.


@emodino4ever I can do that. It would be $9.10 plus S&H for one day. PM me your address if interested.