Can expired Soylent be useful for anything, such as fertilizer?

I have about 20 long-expired bottles of Soylent in my pantry, and I need to empty them out so I can reuse the bottles as containers for various things. I was wondering what to do with the expired liquid product inside them. Would it be useful as fertilizer? Or should I just flush it all down the toilet?

You could just drink it. Most likely it’ll be fine other than lower-than-wanted amounts of some of the vitamins.


I too have some expired bottles because of a large gift. The expiration dates were more about the vitamins loosing potency. They taste fine are delicious & satisfying. Drink up cheers

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Yep, just drink em. Unless they’re like 5 years past the expiration, I wouldn’t think twice about it. And even then I’d give them a smell test and if they smell fine, I’d still drink it. Nothing in them “goes bad”, the only thing that could happen is if the bottle seal didn’t stay sealed properly and mold or something started growing in them, but if that happened, you’d be able to smell it or see it very obviously.

Sorry, I should have clarified: I’m not going to be drinking it. I’m not looking for a discussion about expiry, etc.

So, does anyone have any insight on whether it can be used as fertilizer or anything else productive? Or should I just flush it down the toilet?

Flushing it seems like an extreme waste. Donate it to someone perhaps? It’s totally safe and drinkable.

I have no idea how it would work as a fertilizer. My gut tells me that while it’s got some useful components, it also has some harmful components (for plants) and could cause soil issues (maybe?).

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