Can I froth Soylent with French press?


Hi all, I have problems digesting dairy and I’d like to try switching Soylent for the cream or milk in my morning coffee. If I buy a French press, could I use it to get some Soylent frothy to make myself a latte-style morning beverage? Has anybody tried doing this? Or has anybody found a better way? Thanks in advance!


I’ve added straight 2.0 to coffee many times. I’ve never tried frothing with an espresso machine but it would probably work like milk. Mostly same consistency


I tried adding soylent to (turkish) coffee in the past. It wasn’t as good as adding milk.


I can’t say if it’d work for 2.0, but 1.5 tends to separate a bit with some thin foam on top and a thicker layer on the bottom. I’ve not tried to froth it deliberately, but I use one of those hand frothers to quickly mix small batches which works well aside from a bit of froth settling to the top. trying to froth it thoroughly might work better though. that’s the style of frother I’m talking about, but I just have a generic one I got at ikea, you can find them all over these days.