Can I get an extra bag with my order to use for all the SAMPLES i will have to give out?


Ok, just kidding really…

Once I get my shipment, I KNOW for a fact that every damn coworker and friends will be asking to taste the soylent. If my calculations are correct, I wont have enough food for the month with my one month supply…

Carry on and I am patiently waiting…


The silence in here is deafening.


LOL, that’s a great point, and something they should consider as a way to give people a first chance experience without the commitment.


Ive gotten so much shit for trying to get this stuff. So many nay sayers… But I KNOW once i start bringing this stuff to work, they are all going to want a taste…

*sigh… Its really all i got right now since i have to keep waiting…booo


When people see (assuming your experience mirrors my own, that is) how amazing you feel, how alert you are, how good your mood always seems to be… they’re definitely gonna want to try it.

I’ve only given out one sample so far and that was to another forum member here. But that’s mostly because I work from home so don’t have a bunch of coworkers bugging me to try some! =D


I handful of them ask me every couple days and its sad to reply with…“soon”. So i know about that.

oh and when i say “sample” i mean ill pour a swallow amount into a cup. Ill be damned if im giving out bags…hahah


My plan is to start my subscription early enough that I get some overlap with the end of my campaign order.

If you’re interested in doing the same, I’ve double-checked in the other thread, and confirmed that it works out the way I was planning:


I’m looking forward to experiencing the health benefits of Soylent with the same eager anticipation that a fish out of water has just before it’s released…:wink: