Can I get it shipped to Brazil?


That’s the question yo.


Let’s tag @rob on this one. There are one or two other Soylent Staffers on here too … forgetting the names right now.


Tagging @JulioMiles.


Would be nice to know about importation taxes too…


Any position on that?


I have a bit of experience on this one, but my odyssey with the Brazilian bureaucracy is not yet finished. I was an original backer, but between the time of my backing, and the time of shipping, I had moved to Brazil. I then had to use a reshipping service ( to get my original order into Brazil (cost $400 for 2 months). It arrived in country on the 4th August in Sao Paolo where it hit a shipment exception. I was asked to fill in a customs form. It got cleared and made it to Brasilia (where I live) on Aug 5th and hit another clearance day, and had to fill in another form. Then, for the next month (ongoing until today) I’ve had to fill in form after form. A declaration of final use, declaration of intended use, needed a Dr’s prescription, credit card statement as proof of payment and a few others. I’ve even had to send in the same forms multiple times. Today, I got hit with another request for a Dr’s statement, but with even more information than the previous one I already provided. So, it’s been 30 days, and I have no idea when or if I will get my Soylent. Will update this if it happens to make it through, but it looks as though they are doing everything they can to stop it.


Wow. Is it anywhere near that hard to get other kinds of food shipped to Brazil?


I suggest you read the Formal request for explanation regarding International order delay[tldr] thread.


Ok, to update my experience: the Brazil authorities finally let my shipment through, but not without heavy taxation of the value of Soylent, the cost of shipping, and a fine. In short, it was not worth it, and I wont be able to get anymore Soylent until, I imagine, someone produces it here, as has recently been done in Europe.


All I can say is wow. Maybe you can make your own and become the Brazilian Rob.


NB: For next time…under intended use, put down that it’s used as a paste in hair removal…Brazilian waxing…I’d buy it…:slight_smile:


If you start with production in Brazil - it would be nice if you list it on in addition to Australia, Ireland, Netherlands, UK, Swenen, Czech producers.

You location is great for shipping in Latin America.