Can I get some feedback on my DIY recipe?


I want to keep it as simple as possible. This is meant mostly for the mornings when I don’t have time to eat. I am a male and I exercise 10-20 hours/week (mostly moderate-heavy cardio). Thanks.


For starters I would cut out the egg and get a better multivitamin. Your health is depending on this soylent skimping on price is not in your best interests. Centrum isn’t exactly the best multivitamin in the world. There are lots of multivitamins out there that have WAY better bioavailability and completeness.

Also thats not enough omega-3. The 3 gram max is for DHA/EPA adding some ALA will be just fine. I would suggest adding fish oil and flaxseed oil to the mix.

Your fiber content seems excessive. For men its recommended to get 14 grams per 1000 calories. So that would mean you should aim for 33 grams. But really I see no harm in having more than that.


How are you preparing this? If there’s cooking involved, I’m not sure it’s saving you time… and if there’s raw egg involved, you should not be preparing it in advance if there’s any chance of the egg being warmed up (preserve the cold chain for food safety.) I don’t see how you mix up a 2300 Kcal batch, mixing raw egg with other food, and eat it for three breakfasts without causing a food safety risk after the first day.

Other comments - I think the high fiber content is good if this is a “breakfast only” food and the rest of your diet tends to be low in fiber; the question is how this fits in with the rest of your diet.

The choline number is wrong. The oats will supply about 40 g choline per 100 g of oats, which should certainly be more than the egg.

I agree with getting a better multi… aslo, I prefer a multi made for men, as it will not have any iron added. The oats are giving a lot of iron already. This is not good for men. Unless the cardio you do involves bleeding a lot? (Who am I to judge?)

I’d suggest changing the oil; perhaps canola oil instead of olive oil. Olive oil is giving you a very high ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats… you need to bring that ratio down. Olive oil may be better for cooking, but canola is good cold.


Actually the olive oil is healthier than Canola and if he adds the fish and flaxseed oils like I suggest the ratio should be much healthier.


That’s a debatable statement… Canola oil lowers LDL cholesterol more than olive oil. Meanwhile, olive oil reduces your blood flow, while canola and fish oils do not.

The two oils have different plusses and minuses. It’s just popular, lately, for the “health food” crowd to publish articles bashing canola oil.