Can I just get Soylent 1.3? I really do not like 1.4

1.4 tastes like bisquick flavored snot…why would you make such a drastic change? I am not happy and now I have 4 boxes of 1.4…can I exchange for 1.3 and hope that 1.5 will be an improvement?


No, but there are people who prefer 1.4 and are willing to trade for it. If you were slightly more civil, I’d find the thread for you.


I don’t like taste, but then I never liked taste all way back to 1.1. Only version I never had was 1.0.

I just add hot chocolate to powder and it works great.

Also try adding more water, “snot” may be cause from not enough water.

People are still selling 1.3 on eBay, just FYI.

Oh how I wish this was an option…

The OP was more civil than your reply, honestly.

It’s like you’re not allowed to have any sort of negative opinion around here.


Since you’re not allowed to have any kind of negative opinion around here, I must be playing a role. Have you noticed the number of times I’ve expressed concern about Rosa Labs needing to pay attention to those who have negative opinions about Soylent? If you like, I can hunt down a few of them for you.

Perhaps you’d like to explain why it is uncivil to express disapproval of someone’s mode of expression.

Edit: Here’s a comment I made a short while ago.

“Yay! I feel the same, on my third full month of 1.4, but a significant minority feel otherwise, and I hope that that is of concern to Rosa Labs. Some people I respect a lot hate it, for reasons not fully understood.”

There was nothing uncivil about the OP’s “mode of expression”.

You should just relax, mate. This isn’t a big deal (and derailing now, too). :sunny:

Actually the OP(and many others like him) are derogatory. There is nothing wrong with not liking something. The problem I have is when complainers that say “oh is tastes like snot” or “it tastes like bile.” Yes, there was a nutjob that actually said that. There is no end to the extremes that some are willing to go about how horrible soylent 1.4 tastes. Remember there are people actually EATING this. I’m sorry but people do get offended when someone bashes their main sustenance and says it tastes like vomit! Yes, there was another quack that even went that far.

If some folks don’t like the taste, that’s fine, but THEY need to be considerate and understand their remarks can be offensive when taken too far. Put it to you another way. Imagine if a guy went to an Eastern Indian or Mexican restaurant and ordered some ethnic food. The waiter brings it out and and the guy takes a bite stands up and yells out, " I can’t eat this! It tastes like Bisquick flavor snot!" Now if you were sitting down enjoying your meal and someone said something like that. Would you not be offended? It’s not what you say, its how you say it.

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Here is the thing, everyone taste things different. Just because you don’t taste that, doesn’t mean that others don’t.

Take this example. I love cilantro, one of my best friends hates it, says it is terrible and taste like soap. Ok, that is what she taste, I can’t argue with that or get mad, especially when you realize that it isn’t even her being picky or over dramatic. (yes this article says you can train yourself, but when it is your only source of taste and texture it is nearly impossible)

The same goes with the snot textured cardboard that 1.4 is. Not even a ton of chocolate flavor can change that for me. I have tried because I love the soylent concept, and I loved 1.3. But no matter what I do to it, I still taste cardboard, and I feel like I have a mouth full of snot I just sneezed up through my mouth.

Obviously there was a change, and it has affected some, and those it did not affect can’t understand what we are saying, but enough people have felt this way that it is not being dramatic, or exaggerating. It has taken the best thing I have done for my health, and made it impossible for me to continue due to this new flavor and texture, because it is repulsive. It is not taking it too far, it is stating exactly how it taste to us, so much so that I have to stop using it.


So exactly what does snot taste like? I’ve never tried it.

I think that there are situations in which one doesn’t say the truth, out of pohiteness.

I interpret much of the harsh verbiage with regard to 1.4 as an attempt to influence people who haven’t tried it yet, because that will cause more people to complain and thus make change more likely.

I even sympathize with that tactic, and I hope change in your favor happens, even though I have no objection to 1.4 myself.


I’d just like to point out that you referred to one poster as a nutjob and another as a quack. Gratuitously. Personal insults are neither necessary nor productive. When someone strongly expresses a dislike of Soylent, a) they probably strongly dislike Soylent and are using the verbiage that comes closest to expressing their actual opinions, and b) are not in any way attacking those who think differently. There is no reason for you to take offense at their expression of their views. It is frankly mystifying that you do.

Furthermore, your defensiveness of v1.4 precisely mirrors the attachment that some had to v1.3. I don’t think you quite appreciate how radical the change was between versions, and how upset this made people. If v1.5 changes in an equally radically way, and in a manner that you happen to find repulsive, I would expect that you would be upset, as folks like OP and others have been made upset. It really shouldn’t take a whole lot of empathy or imagination to recognize this. You need to back off, chill out, and let folks engage Soylent in their own way. And you might also consider changing your tone, as you seem to piss off an awful lot of people with your pointless attacks and insults.

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The harsh words I have for 1.4 is mainly because I actually liked 1.3 quite a bit, then all the sudden, the proverbial carpet was yanked out from under me, and was replaced with something that tastes nothing like 1.3, and far, far worse in my opinion. That pisses me off, and I think that anyone would sympathize.

Imagine the makers of your favorite cookie brand – let’s say, Oreo – suddenly reformulating their recipe and makes the cookie taste completely different. Some people like it, but you don’t. Would you be happy about it?

Tweak it, change a bit here and there I’m completely fine with. That’s what they’ve been doing with 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. I’m not fine with what they did with 1.4. That’s all.


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This would all make sense for an established product (like Oreo). Soylent is a startup. Heck, they identify their product with release numbers. :grinning:

And their stated goal was never “minor tweaks.” If that was the case, they would never have moved to powdered oils. I think we can all agree that the future success is Soylent is more likely with the elimination of oil bottles.

Also, I’m not sure anyone should be “pissed off” when a new product goes through multiple revisions. I am sure that it isn’t worth being pissed, though.

Here’s to v1.5 being more to your liking. (Ironically, judging from your visceral reaction to v1.4, you are hoping for another major reformulation.)

Powdering the oil didn’t change anything. Powdered oils are nothing more than oil and maltodextrin, both ingredients were abundant in previous versions. There could easily be a powdered oil version of 1.3.

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Agreed. But, not a “minor tweak.”

My favorite cookie brand, with a flavor it had only had for a month or two – yes, I would be heartbroken. All those 60 days I had been used to it!

But I am convinced that 1.4 is nutritionally better, and that is much more important to me.

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I’m thinking crushed Oreos in Soylent would be delicious.


Cookies & Cream protein powder makes a great DIY soylent!