Can I refrigerate Soylent powder?

I assume it’s okay to refrigerate Soylent powder. Correct? I don’t have much in my fridge so it occurs to me I might as well put the powder in there until I use it. And when I do use it, since the powder will already be cold the Soylent drink I mix up will instantly be colder than usual too. And plus I’ve read that it saves energy to have stuff in your fridge or freezer rather than emptiness.

And typing that made me wonder…would it be okay to freeze Soylent powder or is that a bridge too far? Would it remain powder-y if I put it in the freezer or would it become a big chunk of frozen Soylent powder?

Yeah its okay to chill the powder and once its open you need to.
The fridge is a nice cool, dry, dark space which is exactly what the powder needs.
The powder does fine in the freezer as it has no liquid but I would still watch the expiration date.

No, it does not need to be refrigerated after opening. In fact that’s bad since the moisture will get in.

@Lode, My understanding of refrigeration is that is it colder then the outside environment thus less water can be held within the atmosphere in the refrigerator as it condenses and drains out.
Also the moment you open the powder you expose the powder to water in the air making it perishable (not as bad as when you mix it but still) so the clock starts ticking, refrigerating/freezing can delay it abit.
Yeah the ziplock feature on the powder packets is fairly lame, I await the day I can order another bucket.

You can buy a screwtop plastic container (or tupperware-type but I prefer screwtop) and put the Soylent in there and screw the top on and it’s airtight.