Can I sub MCT oil for the oil that comes with Official Soylent


Can I completely sub MCT oil for the oil that comes with Official Soylent?


You can substitute the oil in Soylent for any kind of oil you want.


Right…I guess I meant will I be getting the same benefits and {completeness} that was intended by the oil that’s included, vs missing something with the mct oil…Not enough sleep…Bout as sharp as a circle…

Personally I love mct oil for the weight management bonuses I’ve gotten by including it vs olive oil in the past…And currently using only mct in the diy I’m on now…Ax Fuel…

Since Official Soylent is supposed to be so balanced and complete and backed by science and research this and that and stuff, I just want to be as sure as possible that I’m giving my body what it needs…

Would be a shame if I went and started typing on my pc or swiping on the tablets and all of a sudden, my fingers fell off…Now that would be a pity…:slight_smile:


You will be sacrificing the omega-3 and 6 which are essential fatty acids. Which is probably not a good idea. Also the oils my have fat soluble vitamins in them which you would need to add back. A little research goes a long way.

Sorry for the bad advice earlier.


Thanks and no worries…I’m gonna let this post sit for a while…Lots of people well versed in this sort of thing…I never plan on going full Soylent, but I do plan on subbing 2 meals a day with it so I do want to be pretty sure…

I did a half extra virgin olive oil, half mct oil I was happy with when I was on People Chow Premium.


This is the main issue with substituting with MCT oil. If you could add the Omega 3 and 6 from another source, and use MCT oil for the rest for the fat content, you’d probably be fine; I personally wouldn’t enjoy having my fats skewed so heavily to saturated fats, but I know many people on the forums do, and haven’t complained yet.


MCT oil is only saturated fats, so you would be missing out on the other types of fat found in the Canola oil, and would also be missing about 46% RDI of vitamin E and 47% RDI of vitamin K that come from the Canola oil.

I personally have been using Soylent in a heavily modified form that has become is own DIY soylent, in an effort to change the nutrition a bit. I end up using half a day of Soylent in every day of DIY, and I use some added MCT oil and fish oil to make up for what I am losing by only using half of the Soylent oil.

I use and would recommend this fish oil to supplement your PUFA’s if you decide to replace the oil. In my recipe it adds a very fresh, slightly minty flavor which I really have come to like, especially combined with the chocolate flavor of my mix. I would recommend only using 2-3 ml (half a serving), any more and the flavor could start to overpower the mix, and you chance driving your vitamin A to high.

You could supplement the vitamin K with something like this which is K2 and also includes some vitamin D3 (Soylent only includes D2) which is helpful, you would only need one drop a day, so this would last a very long time. The fish oil also has a bit of vitamin D, but I haven’t yet looked into what form.

Finally, you could use this vitamin E supplement to round out what your missing.

I prefer to use liquids, but all of these things (O3/O6, K & E) can also be easily found in pill form.