Can I use Soylent as a diabetic?


Hey all, I’ve been interested in Soylent since I first heard about it since I think it’ll be easier and healthier than my current diet. As the title says, I’m worried that it might not be healthy for me because I have Type 2 diabetes. I currently take Metformin at 500mg a day and though I haven’t tested my blood sugar in a long time, I believe it’s fairly good. If anyone could give me some feedback or answers as to if using this would be healthy for me, I’d love to hear them.


In addition, I’m 15, about 150-155lbs, and 5’ 11".


I believe there where numerous threads on this some time ago.

This next post links a bunch of other related diabetes related posts.


I would double check that quote from @rob. This is from Sept. 2013 and at that point they may have still thought they would be using maltodextrin made from tapioca which has a lower GI than maltodextrin from corn.


Yeah. And it seems to me I’ve seen posts from people who tested their blood sugar awhile after consuming Soylent and found it spiked too high. At some point Rob mentioned they were going to do more tests to determine the GI of Soylent 1.0, but I don’t think we’ve heard anything since.