Can one add their current suppliments to their nutrient profile?


Without reducing each amount manually is it possible to “add” your current suppliments, such as a multi-vitamin, to your nutrient profile. So that in the end I would end up with those nutrients that must be be in my personal soylent to assure that I have my nutrients for the day.


The easiest way is to simply add your current supplements as ingredients in your DIY. When you create your recipe and add a new ingredient you will be able to choose an existing ingredient or you can create your own. This way you can add and subtract them at will to see if you even want to still use them.


Agreed. Just add your supplements (and any non-soylent food you plan to eat) to your recipe as ingredients.


Not a problem. I just thought it would make it easier to search the recipes to have things you already do, so you get better matches. But whipping up my own works as well. Anyone else feel slightly like a mad scientist and break out a Bwahaha?