Can Somebody Help Me Finish This Recipe (In-Depth Spreadsheet)?


Oh Here is the link:

Basically what I WANT: Powders only. I’m not interested in swallowing 300 pills like a lot of the other recipes on here have (300 is an exaggeration). But I do want to have everything where I can mix it easily.

You will notice I have Tomato Powder listed. I researched it and it contained MANY of the much needed things - comparable to Rob’s use of Oat Powder (which is also included).

I know I need to work on messing out with dosages, but I need to make sure all my bases are covered with everything else also.

ALSO, many of you are using whey isolate - MAKE SURE YOU KNOW EVERYTHING that is in there. I emailed one of the vendors for the one I’m using and they put creatine in there without the amount showing up on the nutrition label…


Most of us crush up the tablets.
Personally, I swallow only 2 - one is fish oil, one is calcium (i take that at other times than soylent)

Our reason for using tablets is mostly not having to dose micrograms, which can very easily go wrong.


Good point, I’ll look into a lot of the tablets people are posting.


Also some of the recipes have capsules which can be broken apart and the powder removed to be mixed in the drink. Just a matter of finding the same ingredients you want but in a capsule.


I’m looking over your soylent recipe, but the links don’t seem to work. I’m developing my own recipe, and was curious to know where you’re getting the tomato powder in particular from. Thanks!


You are missing some type of multivitamin. It will cover many of the zeroes you have. Nature’s Way has an Alive! multivitamin powered in pea or soy protein forms. You would need to check the upper limits, but I believe most of the vitamins that go way over your goal will have no adverse effects. Many have no upper limit established.