Can somebody review my recipe?


Hey, I just created my recipe and I’m ready to order all the items. Maybe I’m missing something. Could someone review it?

About me, I’m 30, male, 5’10’’/178cm, 170lbs/77kg, 12% body fat, lightly active, workout 3 times per week. I’m currently living in the Netherlands. I plan to have more carbs and a bit less fat in workout days.



Unless you are taking Noopept already, 20mg sounds a bit high - I would start slower and see what it does for you.

Didn’t find any other “problems” on first glance though :slight_smile:


I’ll take 10mg then.


Wonderful, can’t hurt to be on the safe side!
You can still increase the dose if after a few days you decide you don’t feel the effect enough. :wink:


Looks good. Report back how your experience goes!


10 grams of creatine is a lot, unless you’re just going to use it for 2 weeks in a loading phase. After that, you should cycle down to 5 grams.


but I’m not getting any from meat or fish. I have to take more creatine than the recommended for people that eat foods.


A lot of the data supporting creatine use was done on vegetarians, who didn’t get any additional creatine from their diet, and 5 grams was used.