Can someone compare powder vs drink?


I really wanted to love Soylent powder. And it’s not terrible but I have difficulties with less than pleasant textures and the grit at the back of my throat with the powder is bothersome (I have 1.8 Original and 1.9 Cacao). I have tried letting it sit overnight in the fridge and it did’t seem to make a difference. For anyone that has tried both how does the taste and, more importantly, texture of 2.0 compare to powder?


They taste different although the difference is hard to describe (watch me struggle to describe it). The drink texture is definitely smoother, although I’ve never found the powder to be “gritty”. Very slight powdery feel, maybe.

Soylent powders are smoother than most others, so you should skip JJ, Queal etc. The only smoother one is Keto Chow which is just silky.


The “graininess that clings to the cup” comparison in your video was actually very informative. I’ve definitely noticed that in my shaker bottles with powder. It’s encouraging to see that there is little to no “cling” with the ready to drink versions. The only other meal replacement I’ve tried was Huel which I found to be unbearably gloopy and couldn’t bring myself to swallow it. Thanks for your video!


I find that the drink is better texturally in that it is a bit smoother, less gritty, and (perhaps depending on how you mix your powder) thinner. I also find the drink to taste much better. With the drink, you get far less of the metallic/acrid aftertaste from the vitamin blend.


Maybe it’s because I’m used to it, but even when I first tried the newest iteration of the powder I thought that it had a smooth/creamy texture. “Gritty” couldn’t be further from what I’ve experienced.


Agree with “creamy”, gritty would have been a more reasonable description for 1.4 of the powder. If everyone posting to this thread could mention what they are using to mix the powder it might also help. (shakers vs. full mixers)


I get the initial creaminess. But after swallowing there is usually a feeling of grit in the back of my throat. I get that it’s probably MUCH better than previous versions and other powders. But I’m particularly sensitive to textures so that is probably the issue. It’s just enough that its not pleasant and I find myself dreading drinking it. I use a shaker bottle with a blender ball.


I just shake mine really good, I add some water before putting the powder in, and then I add some water on top of the powder and shake. Then I just fill it to the top, shake it really good again and then I let it sit in the fridge overnight. In fact, here’s my lunch right now…
(With a bit of cinnamon added)


It seems like I shake like crazy. And I’ve tried overnight in the fridge. I’m curious to try the drink. Maybe that’ll fix my problem. It’s unfortunate that it’s twice the price.


If you haven’t tried it with a smoothie blender or any cheaper mixer give it a shot to see if it helps. I’m also with JustSnilloc on adding a bit of water on top though that might not necessarily help for what your experiencing.


Give me a go at it.

Powder has more tooth feel to it.

Bottles have none.



If you’re mixing with a spoon (or shaker, I suppose? never tried) I can definitely see where you’d say the texture has issues. To me, just Cacao mixed with a spoon is “tolerable.” Nothing more. But, I mix mine exclusively with a blender. At home, I add fruit (usually a banana and some frozen strawberries) and blend with a powerful blender. At the office, usually just frozen strawberries and a personal-sized blender and I don’t have any problems with texture. I’ve only ever had one bottle and it was smoother than when I mix it with a blender, but nothing I’d pay for. If you have tried mixing with a blender, give that a go before giving up.


Imo the drink is smooth and tastes a lot nicer than the powder. But I use the powder. The drink is more expensive, the portion size is not right for me, and the packaging and shipping are wasteful. But if you play around some, the powder can be made to taste better than the drinks. I am sure there are threads here about that. Personally I have tried a lot of different additives to improve the taste. And the cocoa flavored powder is good.


adding banana or strawberry…

Personally I’ve slowly found myself ordering more and more of the RTD and skipping the powder because it’s just… meh… The Drink it just, smooth… tasty and easy to use. The powder takes time, it’s not as smooth and the fact that there’s only two flavors is really the kicker for me.


There are some old flavoring threads I’m too lazy to look up right now, best used when you pour yourself a glass of prepped powder:

Mio Energy:(Caffeine)
Vanilla Java
Mocha Java

Milk Magic: (Infusions, 0 Calories)
Cotton Candy
Cookies ‘n Cream
Blue Raspberry

There used to be Johnny Moo, not sure if it’s been discontinued or not, but they had Chocolate, Banana, Irish Cream

I always wondered why Soylent didn’t sell flavoring concentrate. The flavorings made Soylent 1.x more exciting.


I gotta say that since trying RTD last year, I really don’t care for powder anymore. We still have some left but have only used it a few times in a pinch between subscriptions. Now though on those rare occasions we under-ordered and run out, I just order another box from Amazon for same day delivery. I’d rather pay the slight premium for an out-of-subscription order, than drink powder again… LOL

I do still wish so badly that the protein source wasn’t soy. It bothers me greatly as a male that I’m consuming most of my protein from soy since the evidence is not really solid in either direction IMO as to its potential long term effects. But the convenience factor is SO high on RTD (not to mention the total lack of grit! =) that it quite simply overrides my health concerns. But I hope that algal protein is looking up!

As far as flavoring the powder goes, fruit generally works quite well if you like it. And fruit juice goes well too as the powder has a faintly “fruity” base to it IMO. I’ve tried the Magic Milk stuff and it’s… just OK. Works better if I’m going to also crush up some ice to make a smoothie/shake. I can almost convince myself it’s ice cream based. =)

At the moment though I think my favorite “flavoring” is actually to mix original RTD 50/50 with cafe chai. The chai is way too strong straight, but cut in half it’s positively delicious. And I did NOT expect to find myself saying that when I tried it recently!


I also [slowly] transitioned to 100% RTD from the Powder. The taste/texture and convenience of RTD won out over the cheaper and more filling (to me) Powder eventually. I don’t mind Powder at all though.

I enjoy/tolerate all the flavors/versions (Powder & Drink) enough to not need to flavor them. I have poured a little Hershey’s chocolate syrup in a few bottles of Original 2.0 before and it was okay but I think straight Original 2.0 tastes fine/good so I didn’t keep adding the choc syrup. Also, I had a box of vanilla Ensure at my house that I don’t know where it came from but I used them up by pouring a full Ensure into a half filled Cacao 2.0. It was pretty good, but that was a one-off thing.

What I do do occasionally – which I’m not sure if I’d call this flavoring – is sometimes I only drink ~half of an Original 2.0 (usually as like a midnight/quick snack) and when I get around to finishing the other ~half as a meal, I’ll pour some Honey Nut Cheerios in it (so I can have a meal that is >200 cal and so I can get a little more full). I like it.

EDIT: Also, I don’t like the taste of coffee products so when I tried out Coffiest (Cafe Mocha now, I guess) and Cafe Vanilla and found them to have too much caffeine for me, to finish the boxes I would do half of a Coffiest (Cafe Mocha now, I guess) mixed with half of an Original 2.0 and I would do half of a Cafe Vanilla mixed with half of a Cacao 2.0.


I actually don’t mind the grit in 1.8. It lets me “chew” the Soylent a little as I drink it. But for anyone who doesn’t want any grittiness to their Soylent, I recommend getting a shaker bottle with a mesh fence inside instead of a blender ball. While I wasn’t a fan of Huel’s powder, I continue to use their shaker bottle ( to mix my Soylent.


I actually tried Huel too (and didn’t like it). So I have tried their shaker as well.


My favorite Soylent choice is the plain powder mixed in a blender with extra water. I let it sit at least overnight and sometimes for two days. Some LorAnn Oil flavors seem to make it creamier. The pecan flavor does this for me, but it might be my imagination. After a year, I tried going back to the shaker bottle for convenience and noticed the grittiness you’re describing. Drinking it very cold also seems to help–not sure how the sippers handle that. The grittiness you’re experiencing might also change with time.