Can someone help me hack my dietary needs, please

Ok so this is me, I’m a 5’4’, female, 184 pounds. I work standing up 3about 4 hours a day and sitting the rest. I’m not very active at the moment.

Actually I had lost down from 240 to 160 a year ago after a bariatric surgery called vertical sleeve gastrectomy 2.5 years ago. So in effect gained 25 pounds back and I have been unable to stop the trend. I feel sluggish and brain fogged and I don’t have energy.

I’m hoping to use soylent to help be get the ball rolling. Loose a bit, get more energy and start moving again. It’s hard on the budget but I really want to succeed, so I’ll break the bank lol

My concern is that I have been unable to be anywhere near 80, 90 or 100% compliant for any significant time and so I’m wasting both my time and soylent and biolent money.

I wonder how many calories I should strive to consume. How to improve my chances etc.

BTW I tried at first to do biolent at 1200 calories and eating berries and a few choice foods gor 400 calories but I never stayed on track. I tried soylent 2.0 at 1600 a day and I both eat other foods and not the soylent. I have to reorder my biolent and some soylent 2.0 and I’m trying to figure out what the best rationed nutrients might be for the next order

I know this is partly behavior modification but I’d like to hack the nutritional needs so I’m not tempted by my metabolism on top of my habits.

Thanks for any help

If you cut off your arms and legs you’ll have less bone mass and won’t need as much calcium. #lifehack


Yeah I hope it worked for you. I’ll pass


Here’s a good calorie calculator via Mayo Clinic:

I don’t know if you intend to lose weight or how quickly you want to lose it, but this will tell you what your maintenance level is and you can go from there. What you need to do to ensure you’re following a diet is rigorous calorie counting, and the simplest way to do that is go 100% Soylent or soylent. If you’re not going to do that you’ll have to count everything else you eat, there are apps that are really useful for that.

In basic health terms you should be taking a 20-30 minute jog 5 days a week. Feeling brain fogged sounds like a sleep or exercise problem, but it could also be diet, in which case soylent would fix it.

If 2.0 is too expensive at $12.11/day you can try a powder, Soylent 1.5 costs $7.71/day or there are DIY recipes which cost less than $3 a day.


Soylent also provides a nutrient calculator:

Just providing for the heck of it for people that didn’t know it existed; The Mayo Clinic one is probably great.

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Is it difficult to diy, I’m not too good with all the minute tweaking that I see people do, I read many threads and even played with the formulator but I’m not that knowledgeable

I just buy regular Soylent, but perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I can chime in on how easy DIY is in their experience.

I know there are tons of recipes at I would assume some would be more complicated than others.


I did exactly that☺ the amount of information is mind boggling. I don’t know as much as all these diys many are experts in vitamin and metabolism etc

Regular soylent is great I’m sure but since I was unable to comply after a few weeks of this and biolent I’m a little worried.

I figured that many people here have some sort of advice either in nutrition or behavior modification.

Does unable to comply mean you didn’t want to drink it? You could try changing it until you do, like blending in a banana with a day’s pitcher or cinnamon or cocoa etc.

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If you’d like to, you can copy my ‘recipe’ and tweak it to get exactly what you want. It’s 3 bottles of Soylent 2.0 + some healthy snacks to get most nutrients at or over 100%.

I’m female, 5’6", ~175lb, and very slowly losing weight. (Also over 50yo with slightly high blood pressure, so a few of my nutrient requirements are different than those for a healthy, younger woman.)

It’s possible, with all the ingredients listed, to get everything over 100%. Right now I’m experimenting to see how I feel without futzing with fiddly additives or additional supplement pills. The mozzarella can be eliminated with a calcium supplement.

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This may be simple: at some point you’ll need to use some willpower. Use the BMR calculator someone mentioned above, and eat a couple hundred less calories than that. Then add a little exercise, a couple short walks a day or something. (Actually if you have an Android phone Google Fit can calculate/track your calories burned to give you an idea how much you’re burning.)

Stick with entirely Soylent, or track that along with other food in an app like MyFitnessPal.

Make sure the calorie intake is lower than the calories burned.

The important thing to note is:

You will be hungry sometimes. You are creating a calorie deficit. Your body’s job is to keep you from having a deficit, so it will tell you to eat. You need to ignore that and use some willpower to keep from eating.

Things like drinking water can help you feel full sometimes as well.

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I had 3 situations actually;

1- when doing 100% (on soylent 2.0 at 1600) I can only drink about 1/2 bottle at a time and I get slightly nauseous by the third bottle’s time comes around. Though the taste os ok, and I have flavored it too, I feel like the substance is almost too rich to drink by then. So I try to wait it out, thinking that when I’m hungry enough it will go down better. But then I am antsy and I want calories and I’m prone to cheating.

2- When I use biolent, at 1200 calories a day with snacks to make 1600, I do like the taste but I over indulge in the snacks and end up not having my last portion of the day; then of course I still am over the calories !

I know in writting it looks bad but IRL I actually am struggling ! I have lots of will power but I think I need to be tied to a post as usually comes after 4 pm my resolutions are falling out and I end up overeating.

  1. Alcohol. Food is so social, it’s hard to manage around friends and family wnjoying wine or beer or alone at night to not have a little whiskey

Thanks for humoring me !

How fast are you drinking the bottle? I find it best to sip slowly or it hurts my stomach a little. Generally 15 minutes is the absolute minimum for me to finish a bottle.

The best thing about counting your calories and tracking your exercise is you know how many calories you can spare. So you can have a drink or two as long as you maintain that calorie deficit. (Although after the third drink, I tend not to care anymore and end up going way over… so exercise caution!)

One thing you may want to do is make sure you are counting ‘all’ sources of calories. It is easy to add up pre-planned calories and just not count ‘little’ things, but they can add up. Also, alcohol is a significant source of calories. It is also one source that specifically inhibits your desire and ability to count those calories, so be wary.


For sure I realise that the days i had alcohol i was over. And yes a late night scotch does much for the count :wink: I’m trying to keep that in check…

That said my quest is into the potential best combo of macros that would help me feel fuller longer and less prone to cheating in the first place.

Does anyone here have a nauseaous feeling after 2 or 3 meals of 2.0 ?
Is there really a need to increase proteins when loosing weight or is Soylent regular enough even at say 1400-1600 cal?

I haven’t, but I’m still using 1.5 and 2.0, so I’ve probably only ever had a maximum of two meals of 2.0 in a row. Are you coming from a low fat diet? Soylent 2.0 gets 190/400 calories from fat, which may cause nausea as your body adjusts.

It looks like Soylent would be enough, according to various institutions. Soylent 2.0 has 20 g of protein per 400 calories, so 70 g/day at 1400 calories or 80 g/day at 1600 calories. Soylent 1.5 has less protein per calorie, only 20 g per 500 calories, so 56 g/day at 1400 calories or 64 g/day at 1600 calories. The FDA daily value for protein is 50 g/day on a 2000 calorie diet, for adults and children over four. At 0.66 g/kg/d (the USDA’s estimated average requirement), you’d need 55.1 g/day at 184 pounds (obviously decreasing as you lose weight). The IOM’s RDA is 46 g/day for adult women, based on 0.8 g/kg/day and a reference weight of 57.5 kg (127 pounds), which would be 66.8 g/d at 184 pounds, with a broad 10-35% range of energy from protein (35-140 g/day on 1400-1600 calories).

You might want to double check my math. :grin:

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As a good friend of mine told me, “there’s nothing to it but to do it.” Don’t be afraid of seeming obsessive.

Another bit of advise you might find useful is to try operant conditioning. If you give yourself something nice after Soylent every now and then (smell some pleasant perfume, chew some gum, or have sex, for example) you’ll learn to associate Soylent with the positive reinforcement.

My oldest sister had me smell cloves (they smell great, try it!) whenever she was teaching me to read or write, and had me reading Atlas Shrugged and Meditations by the time I was 10 (yeah, I was a gullible little kid :laughing:). I know that’s just an anecdote, but I do believe she helped.


I don’t know much about satiety, I’ve heard fat and protein increase it more than carbs.

Counting calories doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking, it means you should calorically plan for drinking when you know it’s going to happen, just like any other snack.

The nausea from 2.0 is a problem. It doesn’t sound physiological so it’s presumably not harmful, but it’s still a problem for motivation. Sounds like biolent is your best option. To stick with your diet, as a nutritionist I prescribe 1 daily viewing of this:


Code maker, Fun idea to associate sex with soylent…lol

Senttentia that video was funny !. With the nausea it becomes unpleasant though the 2.0 is very convenient. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

Wezalef I was not low fat before but you right on, it feels like 35% shipping cream, so rich that after only half a bottle I’m really not wanting more and by end of day I’m wishing to eat anything but. .

It’s truly easy to skip counting, I think going 100% will help a lot