Can Soylent help with hair loss?


Hi, i’m curious can soylent reverse hair loss?


Soylent is a nutritionally complete food, it is not medicine. Hair loss is caused by a combination of genetic and hormonal factors. It is possible that Soylent may in some small part help you to balance your hormones, but nutrition’s role as well as your overall capacity with regards to balancing hormones is limited. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing you can do to change your genetics.

If you are experiencing hair loss, Soylent is going to be a suboptimal solution at best. The most likely result is that it will make zero difference for your situation. You would benefit significantly more from products and processes specifically aimed at hair restoration.


How about vitiligo,eczema, psoriasis, alopecia areata or similar autoimmune disease. Doesn’t well balanced diet acts as medicine.I also would like to hear personal stories if there is any.


Through the years, all kinds of bizarre good and bad effects have been ascribed to Soylent. As far as I have noted, none of them have more than a few adherents. I am personally glad of that, because I don’t need cheap thrills from Soylent.


Vitiligo is a lack of pigmentation, normally super-visible on black people, but it can affect all races. It may or may not be based in auto-immune responses. It might also be genetic.
Psoriasis doesn’t respond to dietary therapies in most cases.
Hair loss is generally genetic in origin and is triggered hormonally.
Auto-immune diseases can sometimes be improved by diet, and there’s a correlation between the “western diet” and auto-immune disease. Therefore, reducing one’s reliance on highly processed foods in excess of actual caloric requirements, and eating more raw or lightly processed vegetables, is recommended. has a peer-reviewed overview of the current state of scientific consensus, and it is “there’s no clear evidence, outside of a very few specific diseases, and even with those, we don’t have reproducibility.” The paper also blandly reiterates the canard that a high-fat diet causes obesity. A high-calorie diet in excess of metabolic needs causes obesity, and an excess-calorie high-carb diet in with high glycemic index does this faster. A high-fat diet at or below metabolic needs does not promote obesity.


Only if you wash your hair with it.