Can this be used to help the people affected by Haiyan


Hi my name is Marty Arnaldo and I’m from the Philippines and I was there during the storm and after seeing the devastation and making it out I wanted to help the people left behind. I was wondering if there are any beta versions you are willing to ship and share at a discounted prices in order to help the people here. We could use something like soylent right now and if you can give me like a general range of how much its gonna cost I’ll find a way to get the money. Please let me know thanks!


Good intentions, but probably not the right idea.

Cash aid is usually more efficient than in-kind aid. Why ship and distribute bulky materials across the pacific and past several logistics bottlenecks when you can source locally?

If in-kind aid was appropriate, it would be better to approach, say, Nestle or Unilever that have existing global distribution networks set up than a startup.