Can we expect a price drop?


It is of my believing that we can expect a price drop after initial launch. Can anyone from the company confirm their will be something of the like. I know they said that it would drop after they started receiving things in bulk etc. However, I was wondering if this will be quickly following the initial production run. I am patiently awaiting my months supply if soylent however for a student it is quite pricey and I don’t know how sustainable it is within my budget in its current state.

Price of soylent

yes we can expect a price dropp. probably with in 2014 the price will lower 50%before the end of november

you saw it hear first :wink:


While they do plan on trying to reduce the price, there are many variables in play, so while we may see a price reduction this year, its not guaranteed.


i find your lack of faith disturbing. :stuck_out_tongue:


I doubt they even know themselves at this point. So far, they’ve made all their sales based on a lot of promises and word of mouth. When the product finally ships, what percentage of initial backers are going to order more? How many new customers will be brought in once there’s an actual product? How long will the extra supplies from the first production run last, and how difficult will it be to get product from a second run? All of these impact the future price, and while I’m sure they’ve made internal forecasts, it’s impossible to know the answers for sure until weeks or a couple months after shipment.


I really hope to see a substantial decrease in the price. I am eager to try it so I may end up purchasing, most likely the month supply. My satisfaction from with the product plus the price/shipping times in the future will heavily determine if I am to continue buying Soylent. But seeing as the kickstarter goal reached $2,000,000/$100,000 and in several of the articles Rob Rhinehart and others they that it only cost them about $55-$150 per month, I will most likey wait until the price/shipping times are decreased before buying more. I am anxious to see the product out of Beta and “on-the-shelves” with more feasible circumstances.