Can we just have permission to go Off Topic?


I’ve seen more posts complaining AND apologizing for OT content than the content itself. This is becoming absurd. I realize Rosa Labs is a private company and doesn’t have unlimited data storage to host an infinite number of topics. But is it really so much to ask to be able to “branch off”? There’s a WIDE gap between off topic and misleading / self promotion. I’ve learned a ton on this forum that I never would have otherwise.

I’m not saying people should be allowed to show up to any post they want and “derail” a discussion. I discourage that behavior as much as anyone. But is EVERY Off Topic comment really so bad?

Just. Sayin.


It’s not bad, which is why I soft hand moderate. But we have times of increase activity were threads are so far off topic no new comers can’t realistically expect to reasonably gain anything from said thread. I’m all for letting convos flow. But if the topic is flavoring and it turns into a debate about food stamps, then it’s gone a bit wonky in my book.


Keep up the great work, Conor. I like your style, and coming from my own experience, this shit ain’t easy. ;]


I don’t mind threads going off topic as long as they don’t start talking about crazy antisemitic stuff or the earth is flat or whatever.


I don’t find uninformed commentary about topics no one commenting understands interesting. And I get sick of political commentary so wrong that it would take a book to explain how wrong it is. The winner is usually whoever is willing to type the most.


Personally as long as the OP’s question has been answered before the discussion veers off topic I don’t mind. Sometimes you do learn stuff.


Do we still get new comers here? I guess I’d like to go off topic and complain about how hard this forum is to find from the main site. It feels like this whole forum is composed of the same ~30 people talking to each other; mostly people that were around before the link to here shrunk into a tiny obscure icon buried on the bottom of the website.

To people who are actually fairly new here, how did you find the Discourse site?



I joined a couple of months ago when I decided to start using Soylent and I searched for a discussion forum about it. There are plenty of places on the Internet to talk about whatever is on your mind; this isn’t one of them. Read the subforum titles. None of them say politics or pets or relationships advice or breaking news or sports. Why would I come here to talk about anything other than Soylent or at least subjects that are very closely related such as nutrition or health? Conor, thank you for helping keep this forum within the stated purpose.


I read this sentence 3 times before giving up.


“There is sometimes commentary here that no one who is participating in a given conversation understands, and from my perspective when that particular input is uninformed it is also uninteresting.”


I only read that one twice.


At the risk of making it too simple: “Ignorant people don’t make interesting discussion.”

IMO, if it’s off-topic for a thread (but on-topic for the forum), reply as a forked thread or make a new thread.

If it’s off-topic for the forum, just don’t post it here. Find a more appropriate forum. I can guarantee, whatever the topic is, there are at least a dozen better places to have that discussion than here.


People understand Kant and Hegel and they can understand me. Keep practicing!


What?.̷͕͉̻͓̫̫̕ͅ .̷͕͉̻͓̫̫̕ͅ


Humour is lost on this board all too often. Sheesh!


Discourse is not suitable for OT discussion. A tiered forum such as PHPbb would handle OT nicely.


Lots of different takes here. I am taking them all into consideration. TY for all the feedback


We actually do, and you should expect a bunch more as we have a long string of announcements just on the horizon.


To continue with my off-topic rant from above, I’d like to share the results of my totally (un)scientific and exhaustive (limited to this very thread) research:
In the past few months, discourse/soylent has gained exactly one new comer. They found the site only because they had pointedly and explicitly searched for it. I will note that this place is easy to find via Google; this site is the top result for “soylent forum”

But here’s what never happens anymore:
“My friend mentioned something about this soylent stuff. I’m kinda curious, guess I’ll go to their website to check it out. Oh look, they have a forum.”

By having the link to here hidden, you’re missing people who might not know they were interested until they saw that this is a thing. Kind of a similar relationship to your own product. Who wakes up one morning and tells themselves, “I sure wish there was a convenient, healthy, and cost effective meal replacement for those times I don’t have time to cook myself a proper meal and then clean up after. Maybe I’ll hop on Google and see if such a product exists.” Almost nobody, that’s who. This is the whole basis of advertisement.

I’m not saying you need an advertisement campaign to inform the masses that an official Soylent forum exists! I’m just saying that perhaps a link right here:

Would be a fairly painless and effective way to get more people who are already interested in Soylent to start talking about Soylent.

Off-topic rant in an off-topic thread done.


Heh, 4 min gap between posts. Oops. :nerd: