Can we just have permission to go Off Topic?


“There is sometimes commentary here that no one who is participating in a given conversation understands, and from my perspective when that particular input is uninformed it is also uninteresting.”


I only read that one twice.


At the risk of making it too simple: “Ignorant people don’t make interesting discussion.”

IMO, if it’s off-topic for a thread (but on-topic for the forum), reply as a forked thread or make a new thread.

If it’s off-topic for the forum, just don’t post it here. Find a more appropriate forum. I can guarantee, whatever the topic is, there are at least a dozen better places to have that discussion than here.


People understand Kant and Hegel and they can understand me. Keep practicing!


What?.̷͕͉̻͓̫̫̕ͅ .̷͕͉̻͓̫̫̕ͅ


Humour is lost on this board all too often. Sheesh!


Discourse is not suitable for OT discussion. A tiered forum such as PHPbb would handle OT nicely.


Lots of different takes here. I am taking them all into consideration. TY for all the feedback


We actually do, and you should expect a bunch more as we have a long string of announcements just on the horizon.


To continue with my off-topic rant from above, I’d like to share the results of my totally (un)scientific and exhaustive (limited to this very thread) research:
In the past few months, discourse/soylent has gained exactly one new comer. They found the site only because they had pointedly and explicitly searched for it. I will note that this place is easy to find via Google; this site is the top result for “soylent forum”

But here’s what never happens anymore:
“My friend mentioned something about this soylent stuff. I’m kinda curious, guess I’ll go to their website to check it out. Oh look, they have a forum.”

By having the link to here hidden, you’re missing people who might not know they were interested until they saw that this is a thing. Kind of a similar relationship to your own product. Who wakes up one morning and tells themselves, “I sure wish there was a convenient, healthy, and cost effective meal replacement for those times I don’t have time to cook myself a proper meal and then clean up after. Maybe I’ll hop on Google and see if such a product exists.” Almost nobody, that’s who. This is the whole basis of advertisement.

I’m not saying you need an advertisement campaign to inform the masses that an official Soylent forum exists! I’m just saying that perhaps a link right here:

Would be a fairly painless and effective way to get more people who are already interested in Soylent to start talking about Soylent.

Off-topic rant in an off-topic thread done.


Heh, 4 min gap between posts. Oops. :nerd:


I agree, I’m one of the nobodies that specifically googled a “hack” diet.

Its alright, they cancel each other out.


While we used to do this, I personally redirected most of the forum links to reddit. Not because I don’t value discourse, but because reddit use is so wide spread it functions more effectively for newer users. That being said discourse layout is far more conducive to in-depth discussion.


It sounds like you’re assuming that most Soylent consumers feel the same compulsion that you do to talk about what they eat.

If Soylent consumers are anything like consumers of other commercial food stuff, then I would not be surprised to learn that the best participation this forum could ever achieve, is not much more than 1% of the total of all Soylent consumers.

My guess is the reason for any dearth in consumer engagement in this forum is because, the majority of people have better things to do with their time than to post about every morsel or gulp of food that they consume.


I don’t see how it looks like I’m making this assumption at all. The assumption I’m actually making is that some of the people who visit the website might like to read/contribute to some discussions on the topic. These people need not be Soylent consumers at all. These people might have simply heard of the product once, might be actively horrified at the idea of such an unnatural eating practice, might be someone who has an adult child who eats this junk and is concerned they’re not getting all the phytonutrients they need in their diet, might be someone who just thinks the product would be perfect if they just added “whatever” to it. And wouldn’t it be nice if they had that discussion here, instead on some random news website where half the people there joke that “hey, soylent is people!”

And yes, probably far less than 1% of the people who see that forum link will actually click it, but maybe you should be informed that 1% can still add up to a lot of total people? I am not expecting a dam to break, and suddenly have a flood of passionate Soylent consumers contributing here, ecstatic that they were finally able to find this place. But the expectation of a modest increase of people of all types joining discussions here is perhaps not so unreasonable?[quote=“modernDayPablum, post:23, topic:27350”]
My guess is the reason for any dearth in consumer engagement in this forum is because, the majority of people have better things to do with their time than to post about every morsel or gulp of food that they consume.
Agreed, and I’m not sure how this is an argument against putting a more visible link to the forum on the front page. Is that why you are here? Are you here to post about every morsel or gulp of food that you consume? Can we assume that other people who aren’t like your strawman might like reading here on occasion if they knew it existed?

This forum is hidden. Hidden places get less traffic. This isn’t rocket surgery. Apologies for sounding melodramatic. :innocent:


This place is “hidden,” unless you know how to use Google or literally any other search engine to find out information. If only there were a way to get people to start doing that…


I’ve asked a few times why there isn’t a link to a/the Soylent forum on, and this is from my very first post on this forum:


I’ve seen many questions about food stamps and still don’t know if there’s been an answer. Has RL even looked into this? is it just not possible over the internet?

I remember a long time ago an official survey from Soylent asked me how much I believed several statements and one was “nutritionally complete (‘future’) foods will end world hunger,” but how about now? Does RL feel like most of their consumers are middle class? cause I myself live on (an approximate equivalent) of $900 USD per month and 60% of that goes to rent, and around 20% of it goes to Soylent. and I’m actually not even complaining here, because I’m fortunate to live in a country where disability and welfare is administered via cash transfer rather than the SNAP / food stamp thing you guys have in the US, but if my social assistance had more strings attached to it I would no longer be able to be a soylent customer, spending $140 USD per month on your fine product as I currently do.

I feel so bad for those in US states where basic cash transfers aren’t available to the poor and they resort to selling their blood plasma in order to buy diapers for their children while using up all their SNAP money on nutritionally deficient “food” because that’s all that they can afford in terms of money per number of calories.


We have, and we have signed onto petitions regarding changing laws to allow it. Right now we literally cannot accept them.


Oh okay I’m really glad to hear that.