Can we just order one Soylent bottle?

Here’s the thing: I’m very interested in trying Soylent. The thing is, I can afford $2.83 for one bottle. What I can’t afford at this time is $34 for 12 bottles. Any possibility of making this happen?

I’d be happy to see them at my local Circle K, too.

Where are you located? There might be someone on here that could share a bottle.

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Do you live on the West Coast, in Tuscon, somewhere in between San Antonio and DFW or in Houston?

If so:


Thanks for this! Although the map is giving “TBA” as the address, so… the map isn’t very helpful. My best guess is an hour away.

Would be nice to have “1 Soylent” as an option on the website anyways, though. Although having to drive to a store might actually save me money rather than a website subscription…

Silver lining?

If I wanted someone to share a bottle with me, I’d probably ask someone I already know irl. Thanks for the idea, though!

It’s working fine for me, not really sure what you are talking about though.

You can always cancel it… or do a 1 time purchase.


When I enter my address, this is the store that shows up. Clicking “Directions” doesn’t do me any good since it sets TBA as the actual address.

As for the point of driving, I meant that it’s because I’d end up only getting one at a time every once in a while, whereas through the website the minimum I can get is 12. I don’t see myself going to a store an hour away more than 12 times in a given month for various reasons. Then again, I’d probably get a subscription if I like it enough to warrant going a second time, so I guess the point was meaningless anyways.

Weird, doesn’t do that for me :confused:

EDIT: Oh that’s the one random store in Tuscon, probably a mistake.

Expensive for one bottle but here you go:

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Just ask your IRL… that’s how it was introduced to me. He or she won’t break the bank if they hand you one. Offer them 3 bucks if you feel like you have to pay them. In either case, you’ll enjoy the product. I’ve only tried Nectar (a discontinued flavor) that will probably be replaced with Strawberry (yum) hopefully soon and Cacao which I’ve spent a total of $300 dollars so far on.

Just a great product.

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That blue color on the map is for GoPuff delivery. I think they sell Soylent one bottle at a time. Do you live in that blue colored area?

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According to GoPuff, no.

Yeah… I think at this point I’ll probably have to wait until I have a net cash flow to work with.

Which is a shame… GoPuff actually looks like a nice service.