Can we regulate calories for Soylent?


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Julio, you said the female version was 1800 calories. I wasn’t aware that the calories would be pre-mixed into the Soylent. From what we knew when we each ordered our month supply, it looked like you mixed the oil in to add calories. Is there any way I could add less oil (or whatever is used for calories) to get a lower calorie Soylent until the diet version comes out? Or is there anything wrong with just eating less Soylent (and not supplementing with food) to lower the calorie count, or would this deprive me of some nutrients to a detrimental degree? I broke my legs in the army, so I am quite sedentary, to the point where I’m eating 1200 calories/day or less. If I eat even 1500/day I gain weight. I’m okay with maintaining weight for now (although I could stand to lose a few pounds) but I want to avoid gaining weight if at all possible. I will definitely gain weight if I eat 1800 calories/day.


Before he even responds, I should say that it would make sense to me to make the Soylent macronutrients and micronutrients two separate containers. The micronutrient content can be optimized for women, men, pregnant women, lactating women, age groups, etc. while the macronutrient blend can simply be added in larger or smaller quantities to obtain the target number of calories and can have different types for different diets (lets say keto and normal).

This would add up to just 2 macronutrient container types and 12 types of micronutrient containers*. That would be my solution anyways. I do wonder what the Soylent Co. will come up with.

*4 types - women, men, pregnant women, lactating women each with 3 different age groups - 14-18, 18-49 and 50+, makes 12 types of micronutrient containers.

For marketing and simplicity, each packet combination would be three different colors (or numbers or letters or both), one to display the caloric content, one to display the gender (plus pregnant or lactating), and one to display the age group.

So people might say “I’m a Blue, Green, White” or something like that.
Or in the case of numbers/letters “I’m a 2700/M/x” and buy the two containers as a combination or separately.

Or of course, there could be a micronutrient pack you add to your normal women’s micronutrient formula when lactating or pregnant, which makes even more sense.

That would look something like “1800/F/P” or “1800/F/L” and could be bought together or separately.

This would make only 4 micronutrient pack types, and 2 macronutrient pack types.

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I like this idea very much.

In the long run, I could imagine a solid form of soylent – like a chocolate bar, from which you can break pieces of 100 kcal each, and dissolve them in water (or, just eat them as they are). The “macro bars” could have different colors for the diet types you mentioned. The default one would be “Green”. For the micros, there would be differently colored pills. I heard @rob likes “The Matrix”? :wink:

Seriously now, would it be possible to bring Soylent powder into a solid dissolvable form, like those fizzy tablets? Was there any discussion on this yet?


That’s a great idea for the future. As for the present, I’m fine with the 2 mixes that they will be producing. I’d just like them to be in tubs with a scoop (I’m thinking 1 scoop=1 meal out of 3 for the day) for less waste than a ton of little plastic baggies.


Definitely a smarter idea, they probably have their reasons for doing otherwise, but I can’t imagine why.


I think someone on here made soylent brownies at some point.


Yes. He also told me how to.
The problem is he mixed the oils in with it.
The unsaturated fats would oxidize at cooking temperatures.
That was @Dylan


That is was. However I started looking into a solid form for my soylent after reading this thread by @bigepidemic who started making a solid version of his, but without baking it. So that would be viable without having the same fat problem. Though that does bring up the issue of uncooked flour and starch, and the resultant phytic acid. Which is ultimately why I decided to work on baking mine.


The one I’m working on now can actually be made into a salad, should be interesting.


Julio has responded on another post that there will be some focus on R&D when feasible. So I would bet that most of the ideas presented on the forums here will be considered.


I want to see Soylent Glass.Screw immiscibility!


That was me. It was epic.
Planning on doing that again this week.
Also going to make a spinach and feta soylent today. Foodie w00t!


I’m thinking we can take this even further - We could make “natural soylent” - organically grown soylent foods that have different levels of nutrients. People can pick and chose different versions of “organo-soylent” to meet their specific nutrient needs.

If we want to get really crazy, we can make them each have different tastes and textures! Imagine a melange or compilation of, say, a crispy, leafy soylent with a sweet, tomato flavored soylent, topped with a soylent sauce of some kind! The possibilities are endless!

I’m sure that right now, Rosa Labs is hard at work figuring out how to manufacture this new form of nutritious food. I heard whispers of some self assembling nanotechnology using basic instructions they are calling “genes.”

With hard work and perseverance, I’m sure @rob and the rest will be able to open new vistas with this “food-lent” debuting sometime in the coming century. I only hope the world will be ready for this newest revolution.


Properly mixed, the level of oxidation by regular oils like canola at regular baking temperatures isn’t a problem. Most of the time you aren’t baking foods hot enough for long enough to end up with trans fats and broken omegas.