Can you guys handle the taste?

I’m using v1.5 and the taste is unmanageable.

For the most part I can gulp it down pretty quickly. But there are times when I"m at the very end, start gagging and end up spitting it out. One time I actually threw up.

I’ve been able to manage the taste more I drink it, but wow. It was just unexpected at how bad it tasted.

It tastes like oats (oatsmeal or something), which isn’t too bad, just not for me but I’m not complaining about that. The after taste is what gets me, it tastes kind of like cardboard and that’s really what makes me gag.

What is your guys experience with the taste?


To me, it tastes like the dust from raw oatmeal smells divided by 10. Essentially very neutral with a light sweetness to it.

I love the taste of Soylent in the morning. Tastes like… victory.


I’ve grown to crave it’s flavor now. In fact, what was shocking to me is how after a nearly 100% Soylent diet how traditional food tastes like 90% salt to me now.

Even cereal seems a bit salty now. It’s been an amazing insight.


I know what you mean, I have 1.4, and it also tastes like cardboard to me. I can handle it, but I do agree it is not a favorable flavor… Can I suggest adding some flavor to your Soylent?


Count me in the “now I love it” group. Over time I came to enjoy the flavor more and more, now I genuinely look forward to it when I’m going to have it for a meal. Yum!


Put me in the “I crave Soylent” category. I am 100% Soylent and am looking forward to the next meal. It’s been 18 days since I’ve tasted non-Soylent (yes, I’m keeping track).


I actually find myself craving Soylent. More so with 1.4. It’s a bland taste but in a tasty way if that makes any sense.

I wonder… What do people expect Soylent to taste like? I know I’ve experienced in the past reaching for a drink of my sweet tea but grabbing my friend’s soda instead. I’m expecting to taste sweet tea but am shocked that’s not what it is and it actually tastes horrible. Down right disgusting. And I know soda is just as sweet as sweet tea, but they’re clearly different, but not a disgusting taste by any means. But my expectation to taste one thing made my body react horribly to it.

That moment has stuck with me throughout my life. I wonder if the same sort of idea couldn’t be applied to any other food or a different situation?


There’s actually a term for that-- “cognitive dissonance”. The unpleasant sensation one has when ordering a chocolate shake and tasting that it’s a strawberry shake is one example.


I’ve only had 1.3 and 1.5 Soylents. 1.3 I couldn’t stand - the vanilla was so overpowering it was like drinking a vanilla scented candle, minus the burnt throat. 1.5 I’m actually quite fond of the taste. The first day that nutty flavor was a little different but I don’t notice it now. It also keeps me satisfied longer than 1.3 did.

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The first time I tried 1.5(my first experience with Soylent) I immediately had a feeling like “This is not food!! Spit it out!!”, although I didn’t have any gag reflex accompanying the feeling…it just felt wrong to drink it, because it tasted like pancake batter: something that is not edible until it has been cooked. I sort of had to train myself to accept that it is not pancake batter, but Soylent, and does not need to be cooked to be safe to eat. The taste itself wasn’t off-putting to me, but I apparently have some kind of conditioned reflex against eating raw batter. Now I can drink it straight no problem, but if I go a few days having my Soylent with flavor additives and then switch back to plain, I briefly experience the same feeling that it needs to be cooked.


What did I expect Soylent to taste like?

Well I’d hate to admit, but a lot of reviewers said it tasted like semen so shrugs.

But even then, I guess I’m just not a oats type of guy. Never could stand oatmeal. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t stand it. It was such a strong taste of oat flour.

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After a week of Soylent I tried a slice of pizza and man oh man, let me tell ya…


I had pretty much the same reaction to 1.5 at first. For me, I craved the vanilla that they’ve taken out since 1.0, so I fixed mine by adding 3g vanillin powder and 8g splenda per bag. I use the vanillin powder so that I can pre-mix a few days’ worth at a time, but you can get about the same result with vanilla extract.

V extract and splenda are cheap and easy to experiment with, you should give it a shot. Madagascar bourbon vanilla is more expensive but very very tasty.


I don’t think its bad. I’d describe it as milk blended with cheerios. But it’s perhaps the most bland version, and it’s been making me kind-of sad drinking it. One time I even made a “blegh” face while drinking which made me think :confused:

I think it tastes fine. It’s never bothered me.

That said, I’m used to using whey protein powders and other such “functional foods.” I’ve had worse.

I think the gagging thing is mental, to be quite honest. You’re psyching yourself out by thinking too much.


I think it tastes unimaginably horrible. It doesn’t taste like oats or batter to me. It tastes kind of like the smell of nail polish or paint. The smell just mixing it makes me a little sick. I loved 1.0 through 1.3, but 1.4 and 1.5 both make me gag, and the fact that most people apparently can’t taste whatever it is really saddens me because it seems there’s no priority in fixing it.

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I didn’t like 1.4 and had to add a touch of vanilla and citrus oil to make it drinkable. But 1.5, to me the most flavorless Soylent yet, I’m fine drinking plain.


I nave never liked ANY soylent taste. (Only version I never tried is 1.0)

I just add milk chocolate powder for taste.


1.4 marked the switch from bottled oil to powdered oil when they introduced sunflower, flaxseed, and safflower oils in place of canola and some algal oils. One of these new ingredients could be inducing your reaction. On the bright side 2.0 appears to have fully replaced those with more algal oils and canola oil again.