Can you help a diy noob formulate a high caloric needs recipe?


Greetings everyone, I’m glad to be joining this awesome community. :smile:

I’ve been trying out the Hacker School soylent from his blog for a week or so now since it was simple to put together as an initial test.

I have a few problems with this recipe though; when looking at it in the diy tool it appears to be fairly incomplete. Additionally I’m not much of a chocolate fan; I’d much prefer something vanilla in flavor. Finally, I’m a 418lb 6’2" 30yo male; a really big guy with an enormous BMR.

Can anyone suggest modifications to a recipe from this site that can accomodate my caloric needs while also remaining at the proper completion level for the other areas?

While I, like everyone I’m sure, likes to be thrifty cost isn’t a driving factor here; I care about the nutrition, texture, and taste.

I primarily want to follow a soylent based approach to my lifestyle for convenience but am also interested in the ease of adjusting the ratios for weight loss at the same time.

Thanks in advance for any knowledgable people that are willing to jump in and help a noob get started on an exciting journey!! :smile:


You’re best bet is to find any DIY formula and add extra carbs without much added fiber (maltodextrin, tapioca flour, masa corn flour etc), whey protein, and some extra fat. While the carbs and protein may add to to your micro and mineral DRIs, the DIY website makes it a cinch to accommodate.

I would also suggest searching for "weight gainer’’ DIY formulas. I believe there are 3 or 4 of them on the DIY site. .