Can you help me find some missing ingredients?


Hi guys,

I used the Soylent beginners recipe from here:

and used as my main supplier of ingredients, since I don’t live in the US but in The Netherlands, where we don’t have Amazon. However I can’t seem to find 3 ingredients on that list. Here you see my version:

All the yellow ingredients mean I couldn’t find them on iherb. Can someone advise me on which ones are good substitutes? Also other tips on nutrition are very welcome.



monosodium phosphate: but you wont be needing this if you use oats. You get full RDA just from them.

I have trouble finding powdered oats so I just buy the cheapest brand of non-powdered oats in the local supermarkets.

you can also get enough fiber from oats but still if you want something extra here’s my choice:

and yes some items on are not avalable for shipping to some countries. But this is not a big issue, as there are plenty of different sellers-sources for each item. The more popular it is the more the chances.
I’m using this addon on my firefox to quickly find out shipping costs and everything on each item I’m interested at for amazon:

chrome too:


Fitness Fiber:

Monosodium Phosphate:

I also live in The Netherlands. Maybe you’ll find my recipe useful:


Ha hello there !

Too bad the Fitness Fiber from BFS is sold out right now and they don’t list a price in the meantime. Is it still around €10 for that bottle?

Thanks for sharing your recipe, it’s nice to see that some stuff is available closer to home. However you’re spending close to €300 a month on everything while I come closer to €225 with ordering most of it abroad, even. The monosodium phosphate being the newest very expensive addition to the equation. Might want to see if I can replace that by simple oats like @sogviper suggested. But then other values in the table are off again. Need more time perfecting that then.


My recipe is so expensive because is high on proteins which is the most expensive item. I have been for the last 2 years in a high protein diet and it’s very beneficial for me. I can’t go back and I’m not in a budget but if you are, you could decrease protein intake and increase carbs and fats.

Take a look at this 168.5 euros/month version of my recipe:


Look at the nutrition label of the Alive! multivitamin. It has Choline in it. There is no need for an additional supplement.


but It only has 20mg and the RDA is 550mg


says 30mg Choline in Alive!. I was more concerned, the spreadsheet listed 0mg.

Rob’s soylent was based of the FDA’s Daily Values, DV. If you are using the DRI and RDA/AI there are some differences in the numbers. Most RDA/AI numbers are higher for Vitamin C, D, K, Calcium, Manganese, and Potassium. Most of these do not have Estimated Average Requirements, ERAs, thus no RDA is calculated and a less firm standard Adequate Intake or AI is used. Choline also has no ERA.

Do not get me wrong, I plan to try and meet both the DV and the RDA/AI numbers with my recipe. And I did miss choline being on the DRI. My goal was to point out an error in the spreadsheet. And missing choline on the DRI I saw no reason for an additional amount. Thank you for pointing out the AI value.


Thanks for pointing out that error! Actually I copied the numbers from the original spreadsheet into mine so didn’t run them again to check. The thing is I could not find the liquid Alive! product on iherb at first, so I went with a powder alternative which has slightly different values. Anyway I still need the extra pills to reach RDA.