Can you pleeeease answer some questions?

Hi powdered world !!
I came in peace to ask your help.
I study nutrition and I have to write a final research paper, I chose to focus on the topic of meal substitutes like Soylent.
If you could answer my survey by clicking on the link, it would be really nice, besides being super cool and helping me to graduate (which mean that I could eventually find a job, and feed my dog, you know, just for the exemple) :smirk:
If you drink 2.0 it’s ok to answer the survey too !

Thank you A LOT !

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I started to answer the survey, then I noticed that it specifically said “powdered”, but I drink 2.0. Sorry!

Honestly, it’s totally ok, I use the word “powder” but 2.0 is also valid for the survey. Thank you for your time!

I answered. I did it for the dog.

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Also answered… For the Doggie!

I answered and then ate the dog. Wait, maybe I misread what you were asking for.

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Sure, I — oh, wait. You only repeated the first “e” four times in “pleeeease”.

Six or seven times, maybe, but just four? That’s how little you care about this?


Four “e” is exaclty how much I care about working !
You are definitely great for analyzing people. :wink:


By the way, thanks to everyone who answered the survey, especially if you did it for the doggo (it’s a nice beast, she deserve it) !

I completed the survey, in spite of the dog.

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I started answering but got stuck at the third page: at the first question (“Do you use powdered nutritional drink (Soylent, Joylent,etc) ?”) I answered “No”, then the fourth question (“In what circumstances?”) is mandatory.