Can you take more than the recommended amount of probiotics for gas?


To remedy the gas issue I’ve tried beano and a probiotic, but it doesn’t really do much. The probiotic I have says to take one per day. Will taking more help? Will probiotics help with gas? Are all probiotics created equal?


Are all probiotics created equal? No. There are a great many different bacteria that call us home. They can very from person to person, day to day, even through out the day. No one probiotic has all the posable microbes much less the ones that work best for you and the food you eat. I would take the one your talking for a few weeks to give the microbes a chance to get established and work. If they don’t try another.


In my experience and from others here on the forums, it usually takes a double dose of beano to see results


Some probiotics won’t make it through your stomach to your intestines where they’re needed. Some probiotics don’t actually have much live culture in them. And they do have different strains. Someone really needs to do a lot more consumer research on brands.